YouTube Shutdown: 3000+ videos with 10 Million views. desteni channels no more.

How on earth that every type of video that fits the unfathomable world of human imagination is found within YouTube, yet videos by desteniproduction caught the eye of YouTube censors ? What so bad about desteni videos?

Desteniproduction videos have assisted many humans including myself to rebirth self as a self-responsible human being through the application of desteni self-help tools. Desteniproduction videos have assisted and guided us with the teachings of self-forgiveness, self honesty, self-trust, self-intimacy, and self-expression etc, for real self change by sharing common sense points.

As per World Change, desteniproduction videos speak of an ‘Equal Money System’ and ‘Equality for All’ as an alternative to life-destroying Capitalism we have got here at the moment. Additionally, a portal, an opening, speaks within the videos, various dead human beings from the ‘other dimension’ called the ‘interdimensions’ comes thru the portal to provide living humans with common sense assistance and support about self-honesty and self-forgiveness. They are assisting us to become real human beings by sharing what is common sense.

Now, you may or may not like those videos, or even the ‘interdimensional beings’ for that matter, for their left-behind respective earth-histories. But is that enough reason to shutdown a channel with 3000+ videos that are so vital to so many of us?

I seriously doubt that YouTube has got any substantial reason to shutdown desteniproduciton channels. Now mind you, if you have already decided to bring down desteni channels, you can always invent an excuse or a reason. We will never know the exact motive behind Youtube’s decision to shutdown desteniproduction, who has received over 10 Million views since it came to existence.

Yes, let me restate: 3000+ videos with over 10 Million views, got shutdown for reasons of violating YouTube community standards.

Obviously, we cannot argue with Youtube or with Google Inc for that matter, they got the money, the power, the infrastructure, so they can shutdown any channel anytime. They are the GODs.

But, YouTube has proven one point without any doubt whatsoever, the message of desteniproduction is REAL and it is so REAL, it has touched the angry nerves of some humans to the point where YouTube executioner has been awakened, suddenly.  

Imagine recording/making, editing, and uploading of 3000+ videos ? Imagine the human labor involved, the time, the commitment, the selflessness to share a message with rest of humanity? Imagine all that goodwill, dedication and commitment one must put in to share 3000+ videos over 5 year period?

Yet all that came to what? Just to be shutdown because YouTube have their own apparent reasons.

So be it.

As I said, at least, YouTube proved that desteni message is REAL. I believe Jesus got nailed because those   in power didn’t like what he was saying. Never mind, lets not go there.

Well, who knows, may be YouTube might offer to bring desteniproducion videos back after a period of suspension, I sure hope so, as I believe there are some reasonable voices within YouTube management who can revert the shutodwn of desteniproduction.

Regardless, NOTHING can stop the message of desteni from reaching the far corners of this planet.

Thank you.


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