If I had a billion dollars, YouTube will upload any video I want.

I can upload any video to YouTube, of course with ample money on the table. Such is the nature of things in this world of capitalism and money-making. When YouTube first to scene, I was excited about how open and frank sharing views going to be etc, I was optimistic that no more money-based censorship would hinder self-expressions. But that is just childish thinking, YouTube like any other media organization is in the game to make money, period.

Desteniproduction’s 3000+ videos with 10 Million views got shutdown, of course with money, with ample money, that can be reverted. Money talks in this world. Money makes you alive or dead. Money is the GOD of existence. In the Tamil language, there is a saying, “Upon seen money, even a dead man will open his mouth”. So true.

Did Youtube ever investigate the contents of desteniproduction’s videos ? Or did they simply went by the false flagging of desteni videos? There are many haters of desteni, so I am not surprised those haters must have false flagged just for the heck of it. And Youtube without ever giving a fair investigation, just went on to shutdown all 3000+ videos. Very cruel indeed.

But the message of Equality for All, will continue to grow and spread, it cannot be stopped by money, nor by the gods of money, nor by any other force. Yes it is a slight bump on the road, as a destonian I do feel the pain and sadness of such cruel shutdown, but hey, we will continue within this breath, working with what is HERE.

No regrets, no shame, no sadness, no sorrow, nothing, simply breathing here within the physical, and effectively planning for the birth of next phase. Because the message of Equality for All can’t wait for YouTube to correct itself.

The whole of existence is gearing towards equality for all. And it make sense, we have had enough abuses on this earth ever since man learned to walk on it. Therefore it is time that all life be considered equally, honored, respected, cared, and allowed to live a life in dignity.

At last, something REAL is happening, no wonder we got shutdown, join us, investigate desteni.



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