God indeed created YouTube

Ever wonder why GOD created YouTube?

To make money, damn it. yes to make money, why else would God create such a beautiful website? It allows so-called sharing of views by the general public, we don’t have to be CNN or any rich organizations, just been the ‘general public’ we are able to share our views and thoughts with fellow human beings.

Until of course, youTube decides to pull the plug, which it can do anytime for any reasons. Youtube doesn’t have to give any reasons for why it suspended desteniproductions channels. I can only ask God why did he made such nasty decision, after all desteniprocutions videos were simply sharing views that are best for all.

It was not promoting war, or promoting hate views, or racially hate views, or anti-Jew views or anti-women views, or anti-black views or any such nasty hateful views about anyone or any group. What desteniprodcution share is common sense views that is best for all, I mean best for all of humanity.

Bang, youtube don’t like what is best for all of humanity, and those desteni views are not so liked by some humans, so they fake flagged desteni videos, therefore youtube blindly went along and fuck, banned all desteni channels.

So much for freedom of sharing views or ideas on youtube. The moment your views start getting attention (i.e 10 million views), even youtube gets a bit worried.

End of the day, only GOD knows why the fuck he created youtube and why the fuck youtube decided to cancel desteniproduction channels.

I am sure with a few million dollars on the table, we can revert any decision.

I love capitalism, I love money, the GOD of all creation including YouTube. 

But unfortunately there is bad news for GOD. Investigate http://www.desteni.co.za


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