Ending Corruption in India, Is it Ever Possible?

First I thought that India is the motherland of all corruptions, as every shade and shape of corruption is found within every segment of Indian society, it would be an endless task to enumerate the details of every corruption in India.

But I have very quickly learned that corruption is not just an Indian problem, nor it is synonymous with Indian as such. Corruption is a problem of the human mind, it is where you will find the deep roots of every corruption imaginable. It is the human mind that is corrupt, hence a solution must be found for the human itself, so it can eradicate all sorts of viruses from its own mind.

In terms of responsibility, every human being is self-responsible to eradicate corruption, we simply cannot pass the buck to political leaders to sort this problem. Certainly demanding to legalize or bring about books of laws to contain or control corruption is a vain exercise.

Then, exactly how should corruption be handled?

Corruption has a wide range of definitions. From the most obvious definitions to not so obvious ones. Clearly, paying a so-called bribe or ‘commissions’ to get any public service which should have been rendered to you regardless, will be seen as ‘corruption’. Or a government minister, instead of allocating funds to projects, he find ways to move the money to his own pocket, there you have another obvious definition of corruption.

Likewise, many obvious dealings within day to day business we can find ample points of corruptions. There were days, for a large sum, visitor Visas to Canada could be arranged, or real passports without any documents whatsoever could be produced. I remember how I got my first driver’s license in Sri Lanka. During driving test, while making a left turn, I drove right over the curb, almost ran into adjacent vehicles. Hey, with the power of bribe through the middle man, I got my license anyways, I never dared to drive in Sri-Lanka, it would have been suicidal. Another definition of corruption.

This is where the battle against corruption is lost, because the root cause of corruption is not understood, hence trying to solve a problem without even understanding the exact nature of the problem.

Inequality is the root cause of corruption, simple as that. We have 1 billion humans on the brink of starvation every night, we have 3 billion humans living under $2 dollars a day in very deplorable living conditions, then we have a shrinking middle class who are struggling day and night just to survive, while the selected few, the mighty elitists having all the fun and joy of living.

Inequality is the problem, the cause, the root of all and any corruption. This very inequality exist within the human mind, it sees itself as special and all others as nothing. The mind only cares for itself and for its bloodlines, children, grandchildren, siblings etc. I mean how often do you worry about your enemy’s children and their well being as you worry about your kids?

Humans exist in tiny groups for self-protection and self-survival, in that, never considering the well being of rest of humanity, therefore competition, greed, corruption are yes wars are natural consequences of the current system we have created for ourselves.

So returning to the definition of corruption, I would say, wherever there is ‘inequality’ there is embedded corruption, simply because within inequality some groups are left out. Inequality and corruption are one and the same.

And there is the mother of all corruptions, to leave out parts of humanity, while some enjoy. So lets get rid of corruption forever more, be it in India or rest of this world.

Equal Money System is one such attempt to end all forms of abuses and corruptions everywhere.

Equal Money System provides every human being with a living allowance and all other required needs unconditionally from birth to death, water, food, shelter, education, housing, healthcare, transportation, etc, whatever your needs are to live, will be provided.

Read the word “MONEY” as “MY-NEEDS”, so Equal Money is really Equal My-needs, meaning, the new system will care of all my needs, and everybody’s needs, hence equal.

With EMS, Equality is established practically, and unconditionally. Of course we cannot hope the current political establishments in the world to bring about EMS in every country, therefore a new political forum or party will be established in every country, as a vehicle to change the laws of the land. The ‘Equal Life Party’ will be established in every country, Equal Life Party of India, Equal Life Party of China and so forth, through the democratic principle of one-man one-vote, a new money system will be made the law of the land.

Isn’t democracy beautiful. It is the will of the majority, and today poor people are the majority, and they will love equal money system.

So join us, investigate this movement, we are busy creating a practical heaven on earth, where you will never know what is corruption.

Yes, ending corruption in India is possible, absolutely, and certainly corruption is not an India thing. But all that starts with humans cleaning up their human minds, by applying the tool of self-forgiveness and becoming self-honest human beings. Self-forgiveness and self-honesty are the keys to self-change the human mind, while EMS is the key to change this world.

I am busy with my self-forgiveness process to clean up my own mind.

Join us: http://www.equalmoney.org          


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