Tame your inner demons before its too late.

Recently I have noticed that upon getting angry, I experienced a sense of ‘physical-takeover’. As if something had taken over me, an automatic energetic response happened, I became physical so to speak in bursting out my anger. 

These days whatever that is hidden within will come out with force, and it will have a physical component to it, hence this outbursts can be defined as physical-possessions. Almost like the good old demonic possessions, except there is no external demon here, only inner demons. 

For example, anger is an inner demon. All the back-chasts (inner chats) that goes inside souped up with anger and spiteful is a demon of the highest order. I have learned from http://www.desteni.co.za that these are the days of the inner demons, meaning, inner shit will come out, with force. 

And it makes sense, for how long will man walk with all his anger and cause abuse to himself and to others as himself? Someday this bullshit living with inner chaos must come to an end. For sure death will end all that pain, agony, hate, spitefulness, etc,  but demon possession is about having those stuff come out while alive. It is not going to be pretty living. 

Man will face himself, the entirety of himself in the physical, now that is what a demon possession is, self facing self. This is so that man take total self-responsibility for himself and for the shit he carries within himself. At last, to stand up as life not as an emotional organic robot that is self-harmful and dangerous to others. 

So we are in the days of the demons. Yes i have noticed how quickly I go into rage lot more these days than earlier. Before things turn chaotic, it is suggested to breathe a lot, to be here in the physical, to be and become the breath. It is suggested not to participate in mind backchat that goes on incessantly. 

So do a preemptive strike on the inner demons before they strike from within: breathing, self-writing, self-forgiveness, been physical, not participating in the mind, and yes breathing again. 

Yes i am a bit worried how i handled angry moment recently, as it had a physical expression, so not cool, it could have easily got out of hand. I am walking this process to clear myself out of all the inner demons I have been hiding within me for ages. Now its time to face me face to face. And the demons are busy, they are awaiting for some little mistake on my part, viola, they will take-over, then it is a total physical possession.  It might be just too late by then. 

So i am scripting myself here, till here no further, i will no longer allow and accept myself to lose myself within the moments of anger, instead i will breath, be physical be here. I know my thoughts are not me, and they don’t serve what is best for all. My thoughts don’t serve life, as they only serve my ego. Hence, i will not participate in my thoughts, i will breath, be here. I am here.

Till here no further. 

Join the desteni-i-process, learn the tools of self-forgiveness and self-honesty. Learn how to tame your inner demons, as these are the demon days. You will need all the help you can get, so you can assist yourself, otherwise, the demons will takeover you, they will physically possess you. It might be just too late by then. So join us now at http://www.desteni.co.za



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