Future of Tamils in Sri-Lanka

Ever since the war came to an end and their aspirations to establish a homeland came to an end, every Sri-Lankan Tamil must have wondered, what’s next? Is there a future for Tamils?

The short-term answer is NO.
The Tamils will continue to live under repressive conditions for years to come. This repression comes not only from the Sinhala racial dominance or their political-military powers, but largely due to economic dominance of the Sinhala south. The fact of the matter is, it’s money that rules.
If you examine the situation purely through economic lenses, it is easy see how money and economic classes have created havoc in the island all along.  Have you ever wondered why majority of the Sinhala soldiers who died in the 30-year war, are poor men from the rural villages ? Ever wondered why no sons of the rich elite died for their country? Is it only the poor Sinhalese love to defend their motherland?
It is money and related economic factors that decide who lives and who dies. The same question can be asked from the LTTE, by and large only the poor  who fought for freedom, while the rich and the well-to-do immigrated to western countries. Granted, every Tamil regardless of their economic status suffered immensely during the war, but the real foot soldiers were poor uneducated Tamil youngsters. Elitist never fight in the front lines.  
This is not to blame the rich Sinhalese or the Tamils, but to point out that economic inequality as the root cause of Tamil-Sinhala conflict, and therefore there is NO short-term happy solution for Tamil people in the island, who are now mostly war victims rising from the ashes.
In all self-honesty, investigate the point of inequality. How lack of economic equality amongst people lead to severe abuses across the board, regardless of racial origins. Many became super rich thanks to the war, an entire war industry came to being, many cashed in, both internally and externally. The rich got richer, the poor got poorer and died in many thousands, on both sides.  
Whereas the average man, Sinhala, Tamil, or Muslim continues to suffer to this day, there is no happy future awaiting for them. Once in poverty, getting out of it is a mission impossible. Many are stuck in poor quality of life, lack of education, food, shelter, fresh water, quality physical and mental healthcare, and it’s a long list deplorable living conditions.
The profit-driven capitalistic controlled governments will never bring about a change that is best for all, as they serve only their capitalistic masters. Religious or ethnic dominance are simply facades or excuses used for capitalistic gains. Its only the rich that matters, the rest must be slaves. The real issue is between the haves and have-nots. 
In this context, speaking of Tamil homeland or self-rule makes absolutely no sense. The principles of Capitalism and abuse in the name of profit-making will be inherited even within an independent homeland as well. Now Tamils are suffering under elite Sinhalese, within their own homeland, they will suffer under Tamil elitists. Only the rulers get shifted, but freedom as such never came, or will never come to Tamils under the current capitalistic economic model. For as long as there is economic inequality, there is no freedom and capitalism cannot bring equality.
In the long run, however, there will be happiness and freedom for Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri-Lanka. That is certain.
Equal Life Party of Sri-Lanka will bring about Equal Money System, Equal Labor System, Equal Healthcare System, Equal Housing System, Equal Education System etc. The goal is to support LIFE, in fact all LIFE. Within the next 15-20 years, Equal Life Party of Sri-Lanka will be established and implement above life-supporting systems through democratic means. Equal Life Party is a global democratic political party, it will be established in every country in the world, all to bring about World Equality for all humans to live in dignity and self-respect. Currently, research is underway, so in time, more will be said on this.
Once Equal Quality of Life is established for all humans, it will be a whole new world. The Tamil-Sinhala conflict and its deplorable memories will be things of a foregone era. This is not a matter of hope, now it’s only a matter of time. Changes are coming.
Now, if it is in you, to support Equality of all humans, regardless of their ethnicity, color, gender, nationality, religion, language, DNA, physical or mental abilities, please investigate Equal Money System, at www.equalmoney.org
Join us, be a rebel with a real cause, the cause of LIFE itself.  Visit us at : www.desteni.co.za
Anton Fernando

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