May God bless your uneducated poor ass. Welcome to Capitalism.

I was talking to an Indian engineer who graduated from the prestigious  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), we were speaking about Equality of Life. And here is what he implied, “If I have a better brain, if I am smart, educated, then i should make more money than the normal folks”.

That is the disease of competition and capitalism, the strong, the smart, the bright, the winner, gets it all, and goes even to justify his superior position. And that is what we have been taught from day one, to become better smarter stronger so can defeat others and survive in this brutal system.


Real evil snake mentality to believe that “I am smart” so I deserve more than others. But fear not, it is just what everyone is preprogrammed to believe. “I am special than you” so I should have a home, a car, healthcare, food, water, education and everything more than you; and if you’re stupid and uneducated and weak, too bad, you suck, and deserve a life on the streets like a homeless bum. Too bad for you, May God Bless your stupid ass. Welcome to Capitalism, this is the hell we have created for ourselves.

Self-forgiveness is the way to end preprogrammed mind-bullshit. Equal Money System is the way to build a practical heaven for all of humanity. If you have a drop of caring left in you, investigate us at :



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