Fault finding is a doorway to Self-hell.

Fault finding is a such favorite pastime of the human mind, at least for my mind. I love to dwell on it, looking for something to blame somebody. Often those who are in close relationship with me get the raw deal. Its like a pyramid structure of blame, start with the nearest to next level and then eventually to the world at large, everyone gets blamed. But what I am missing is the ‘eye of the pyramid’ which is root cause of blaming others, meaning self-blame is the point to consider.

In blaming self, there is a whole lot of other shit is going on. At least self blame gives a chance to self-correction and take responsibility, whereas blaming others is just avoidance. Certainly self blame is not suggested, the point is simply to look-within, i mean self is the creator of all the bullshit. In terms of emotional and mental pain one experiences, self is the cause and self is the creator, hence self is the possible healer.

Self-healing is about taking self-responsibility to stop the thoughts, emotions, backchat and feelings that runs like a mill within the mind incessantly; then self-responsibility is to declare, ’till here no further, i stop participating in my mind’s story.’

Loneliness, jealousy, depresssion, sadness, anger, rage, feeling of left out, self-pity, self-hate, laziness, lethargy, and many more self-made emotions and feeling can be self-healed simply by taking the self-responsibility to stop them, to stop participating in them.

Self must stand up, in all and every situation. After all, “in life and death, you’re alone”. In not taking self-responsibility, the story of the mind is allowed to run its course leading to demon possessions. Be careful these are demon days nasty shit will happen.

Fault finding is a doorway to hell and demon possessions, it shows total lack of self-responsibility.  


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