RIP – Rot in Peace.

Soon I will be RIP, rot in peace, and that is the reality for everyone. It’s only a matter of very short time. Knowing that death is an utter certainty, why the fuck do I still live in the bullshit of my selfishness ? Ignoring the entire 6-7 billion humans and their plights, i merrily go living happily ever after, as if death will never touch me. that is the fucking illusion.

Since I am going to die anyways, why not leave a world so that all can live in dignity? My death is assured, my departure is assured, so why not make a real contribution to this earth before I rot in peace? Alternatively I could waste my remaining days in utter selfishness just live to survive day by day till the last day, and then, disappear one fine day. Totally gone, vanished.

I dont’ want to just die, I want to bring about Equal Money System before I go. At least I will know, for all millions of future generations to come, this earth will be a welcoming home, a place where all life is unconditionally supported and honored.

Investigate Equal Money System, see

Who knows, I might even reincarnate back into this earth to find a practical heaven on earth, thanks Equal Money System. However to return to the current Capitalistic system would be a suicidal reincarnation.


One thought on “RIP – Rot in Peace.”

  1. It's v difficult and indeed silly to take any of those 6-7 billion seriously when you know that oneself will cease to exist in the near future. In fact that realisation should be the catalyst to stop taking anything in one's life seriously including any worries or cares. Because really nothing matters if your days of existing are guaranteed limited. You won't give a shit one way or the other after you have ceased to exist so why not not give a shit while you are alive now and try and be free and see how life could have been up til now if only you %100 had been able to not give a shit.

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