To die like a fly on the windscreen

Just one life to live, my death is a sure certainty.
So the question to ask is, what the HELL am I going to do before I die ? Dying as a hero is out of the question, I am no hero. Dying as a famous singer is out of the question. Dying as a famous personality is out of the question, or dying as a sought-after scientist is beyond me, dying as a rich man is useless. Or dying as a political head is beyond me too. Or even dying as an artist or writer is rather late now. Very likely I will die as a normal person who lived a normal life. At the end of the day, my life is rather an uneventful journey, nothing significant to talk about, nor to remember about.
Basically like a fly on the windscreen I will die someday. Perhaps a decent funeral, because I know my brother is a kind of a guy who will do such bullshit, so I may get a decent family funeral. So that is all about my life in a summary. So I better find a really damn good mission to do before I die, to make my life a useful one. Otherwise, my life would be forgotten like a dead fly on the windscreen.
Within the desteni process, self-forgiveness, self honesty, and equal money system, I found all meaning to my life and therefore to my death. Till I die and beyond I will stand for Equal Money System, this is to bring about a practical heaven on earth, so that every human being can live in dignity and die in dignity. I didn’t live in dignity , and surely I will not die in dignity, as I lived my whole life in fear of survival and self-deceit. Because to survive I had to lie, to cheat, to be dishonest etc, while 25,000 humans die tonight in hunger or related causes, I am here enjoying blogging and vlogging. I have the privilege to sit in the comfort of home in luxury. Yet many die in hunger tonight, which I accept and allow as normal.
Therefore as long as I live, I want to scream and shout about the world conditions, about the hunger of many, as they don’t have a voice to scream and shout. So I will shout on their behalf. I will scream on their behalf. Those 25,000 may die tonight, as I am still here, I will shout and scream on their behalf so a new world will be born, and starvation/hunger will be seen ever again. Obviously I too will die one day, so still have time to shout and scream to end the starvation and madness of this world. But I am not going to waste my time in useless shouting and screaming, I will do it smartly, as a group, with the principle of one man one vote, seeking votes to bring about a new set of laws to end all abuses everywhere. Therefore to implement equal money system is the first immediate goal, worldwide.
Even then, I may still die like a fly on the windscreen, but at least I will leave a world with Equal Money System for all to live in dignity. Who knows, if I were to return, at least this planet will be a place of support and assistance. I will not have to worry and fear about paychecks, rent, housing, healthcare bills, water, food, education, layoffs, etc.
Can you imagine how this earth will be in the next 10,000 years ? At desteni, we propose a practical heaven on earth though Equality for All.  

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