Is one drop of Beer too much?

Since coming to desteni, i have entirely gave up my taste to drink anything alcohol. even within desteni materials drinking alcohol is not suggested, the harm it can do to the body and mind has been well documented. I was never a heavy drinker, but I will never refuse to have a drink at parties etc. At home i hardly purchased beer or anything for personal consumption. if i recall correct, it was the boxing day 2004 i last got drunk. i remember that day very well because of the South Asian Tsunami which took nearly 275,000 lives within seconds. Though never got drunk since, but i continue have occational beer every now and then. a social drinker is the term.

Reading desteni materials, it became very clear to me that drinking serves no purpose at all, it only builds up the Mind Conscious System (MCS). The problem was not just about drinking, its about how the MCS builds up, and how enslavement becomes stronger and stronger. Water purifies the body, self-forgiveness stills the water in the body, whereas alcohol does something harmful to the body and it is not in alignment with what self-forgiveness does to the body. Alcohol is detrimental to the outcome of self-forgiveness.

Taking alcohol is self-dishonest. At some point i argue about the quantity of alcohol one takes, is small glass too much? is one drop of beer too much? well on the surface of it, taking a small glass seems rather harmless. I mean few sips are not going to kill you. But going deeper into desteni materials one realizes even taking a sip of beer is just too much, because the issue is not in the amount, its about what a drop can do to build up the Mind Conscious System. The system build up that goes on within the body thanks to alcohol is very detrimental.

Tonight I was at a social party, visiting an extended family after few years of distance. I have been rather disconnected to them for last 3-4 years now, other day i got invited by them to attend some special event party at their place. So, tonight i went, i was very nervous, old memories and thoughts running in mind, old emotions of our long gone association came to my mind. Thought it was very nice of them to invite me to this occation, i would have preferrred if they had chosen to close the door totally. Anyways, it turned out i had a nice time.

The sad part is i had to take few sips of beer. As i entered the host invited me to have a drink, out of nervousness and self-embarassment, perhaps bit of shyness to meet all that people after years of distance, i said yes to a drink. i was served a cold beer in a tall glass. i took a sip, then another, then another, about 4-5 in total, i was starting to feel a bit drunk already, my head was kind of spinning, i was feeling uncomfortable. Now, no man of in his 40s will show signs of drunkenness after 4 sips of beer, unless you’re totally allegeric to beer, which i am not. so my conclusion is having avoided alcohol for few years now, even taking a few sips of beer show its effort in the body very fast. I have done a self-detrimental act by taking those few sips of beer. Amount doesn’t matter, i have put alcohol into my body, so its building up my MCS even more. A serious time loop will ensure.

The point of doing self-forgiveness is to get rid of the MCS, whereas taking beer will do just the opposite, that’s exactly how i felt today at the party.

It was no party for me, as i have abused myself my body by taking few sips of beer. moreover i gave into nervousness and shyness, and fear, so i justified having the drinks to calm me down. yes it did clam me down, i became relax at the party, but i missed the whole point of transecendence. The only good news is by the 4th of 5th sip, i put the glass away, took a glass of soda instead. oh well, too late now, could have done that with the very first sip. But i didn’t because i allowed and accepted myself to enjoy the beer, i allowed it to clam me down, and of course i allowed it to build up my MCS, only time will tell its consequences.

What a fool. ok let this be the final lesson. never again, not even a drop. this regret to is just too much to bear.

‘Till here no further, i will never take any more sips of alcohol ever again. I realize the point is not about how many sips i take, its about saying absolute and unconditional NO to alcohol, forever more.


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