Amma, the “Hugging Saint”, is her group a CULT?

Amritanandamayi Devi, also known as Amma, or the hugging saint, leads a vast spiritual organization in India and around the world. On the surface of it, her teachings are simple and likable for the religious minded folks, and who wouldn’t like a hug from a saint after all, apparently that is the nearest you can come to getting a hug from God. Since God him/herself  cannot down to hug you, might as well settle with this hugging saint, AMMA.  
Is her organization a CULT ? 
Does she have a CULT-ish like following ? Do the devotees of Amma simply following their master? Are they taught to take Self-Responsibility and therefore stand as Self-Standing Self-Responsible human beings without ever needing a master or saint? Do the devotees of Amma, taught how to eradicate emotions and feelings that are arising like storms within humans these days without ever needing to worship their saint? Do the devotees learn about Self-Writing to Self Freedom? Do they know or have applied Self-Forgiveness to rebirth themselves as LIFE through the physical? Are the devotees of Amma, aware of themselves as LIFE without ever needing a master or guru? Do they realize guru worship as mind control and it enslaves them? Do they realize that all the so-called charity work done by Amma’s organization is just that charity, which only widens the gap between the haves and have-nots. As charity is a feel good thing, it never really solves the problem.
Has Amma ever mentioned the principle of “What is Best for All” ? Has she ever discussed what is an Equal Money System, or Equal Labor System, or Equal Housing System, or Equal Education System or Equal Healthcare Systems are all about ? Does Amma understand what is ‘Equality for All’ mean? 
Amma, the hugging saint, will she stand as One Vote for Equal Money System and therefore to bring a practical heaven on earth for all ? 
Does she know guru worship and adoration is self-dishonest and self-deceitful ?
Does she know what a CULT is ? Look no further, simple devotee attachment and adoration to the guru implies a CULT like spiritual nonsense. 
Investigate to find how to set yourself free from your accepted and allowed guru nonsense. Its never too late, be yourself, be the LIFE that you’re.

One thought on “Amma, the “Hugging Saint”, is her group a CULT?”

  1. I know Amma's teaching because at some point I was a light-weight follower, meaning I would go to sing bhajans when she was in town and sit with her in meditation. I liked it that I could just hang out when it pleased me rather than having to commit fully – although I was always invited to do that too. I realise now how much my visits to see her and get a hug from her was stroking my ego. How this would give me permission to claim that I was a good person, at least I was trying in a trying world – why couldn't everyone make that sort of effort..? Self-responsibility, self-honesty, self-investigation was never an issue – glazing over anything that would stir me up, to look at who I had become, was the order of the day. Is that not the function of a cult, to unite you in ignorance? Now I am united in Desteni, the brutal challenge of facing my ego, and all that I have allowed and accepted in my Self and in the world… and guess what, I have finally arrived in my quest, I have tools now, so I better get on with it and use them…. self-forgiveness and breath!

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