Islamic Fanaticism must be Exposed.

Listening to Dr. Zakir Naik has made me realize the degree of fanaticism that exist within Islamic religious scholars and peers. What exactly makes or defines a religious fanatic ? The following simple statement is the most dangerous and fanatic: “We know absolutely that our religion is the ONLY truth and all other religions are false therefore they must not be tolerated or allowed to be preached in Islamic countries”. Now if such thing was stated by the Almighty Allah himself, we could forgive the learned professor, but the sad thing is such delusional conclusions are reached by men alone and propagated by men alone. Meaning religious fanaticism is how man’s ego interprets religious doctrine and makes it so dangerous for humanity. Such ego based religious doctrines at worse could lead to war, and at best could cause irritations between communities of various religions.

It is insane what some of the religious scholars and preachers go on to say these days, therefore I write this as an invitation for all common-sense minded humans to expose (not explore) any religious fanaticism you see on the internet, bring the fuckers out and expose them, make videos and write blogs about them, at least it will give them a chance to rethink their detrimental theology. Certainly to say “I know the whole truth and nothing but the truth therefore everyone is just following their false Gods” is pretty dangerous theology.

Now terrorism and Islamic fanaticism are two different things, here i am not talking about Islamic terrorism, leave that to the authorities to figure that out. Our job is to expose the fanatic fools of the religious kind. Now this is not exclusive to Islam, mind you, any religious fucker with a fanatic touch, expose the bastard so that all may know what he/she stands for.  I am sure any common sensible Muslim may find Dr. Naik to be bit of a fanatic.

I will certainly mark Dr. Zakir Naik as a religious fanatic fool whose lectures are a potential danger to society.

I invite all to consider common sense of human living: need for water, food, shelter, education, housing, healthcare, etc are the daily struggles for every human being, instead of boiling in religious fanaticism, lets focus on the human problems we all face, so investigate Equal Money System and Equal Life Foundation. We have real solutions for real human problems, there is nothing fanatic about wanting to prevent 22,000 deaths per day via Equal Money System.

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