Why on Earth, are you on Earth ?

That is a good question to ask, why on earth are you on earth? I mean you got to investigate the whole the notion of self-mission, why do you even exist on this earth? Do you have a mission, a purpose, an objective?

Generally looking around,  it is safe to assume many have some kind of a mission to be alive and exist on this earth: some want to have a family life, or to be a famous person, or to discover cure for cancer, or to be a political head of state, or to be a priest or nun, or to be writer or to contribute as a scholar, or to invent the next great tech toy, or some exist just to have a good life, to be a decent human being, have a happy time then die away.

Any of the above self-missions is OK, i mean whats wrong in wanting to be a great writer or this or that? Or in wanting to have a nice happy family life? The problem lies in the impact of your self-mission: even if a single human being die out of hunger or hunger related diseases, then all of the above cool self-missions are immediately invalidated. but what?

Regardless of how great you become as a scientist or doctor or lawyer or writer or singer, or businessman, or this or that, if your greatness cannot end the starvation of 1 billion humans each day, and prevent the deaths of 22,000 humans each day, then the greatness of your self-mission is rather useless and selfish. If your existence on earth cannot bring an end to the massive starvation and hunger, then your very existence is rather useless, when your time is up, you will be dead and gone, insignificant to say the least. Because, you never helped to create a practical heaven on earth where no human being starve or die out of hunger, where no human being is homeless, or sick without medicine or unable to see a doctor, where no human being is thirsty without access to fresh water. If you cannot assist to bring a practical heaven on earth, then your very existence is useless along with all your cool self-missions.

On the other hand, along with your personal self-missions, whatever it may be, if you can and able to participate in bringing Equal Money System to end all abuses everywhere, then, your very existence and your self-mission is of praise worthy. I mean after all you cared to end the starvation of 1 billion humans, and help prevent the deaths of 22,000 humans each day. Now that is a serious on the side self-mission anyone can take on, making difference to the whole world. And that’s a pretty serious one too, for sure you will agree with me, if your kids are the ones starving to death each night.

So why on earth, am I on earth? As a self-mission, my purpose is to self-purify me with self-forgiveness and rebirth myself as LIFE, that is my immediate self-mission. Then, to bring about Equal Money System is my next self-mission, both are equally important to me. Even if I reach absolute self-perfection, but humans are still dying out of hunger and starvation, then, my self-perfection is rather useless, however, if i can use my self-perfection to bring an end to all starvation, then, my self-missions are of significant value.

I am going to die anyways, so might as well, create a practical heaven on earth before I die. Ultimately, that is my self-mission, to leave this planet as a practical heaven for all to live in dignity without ever fearing to survive.

Investigate, why on earth, are you on earth? Join us: at http://www.desteni.co.za


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