Is YouTube in bed with Islamic Fanatics?

YouTube shutdown my recent video titled ‘Islamic Fanaticism Must be Exposed’. The reasons given was violation of community guidelines, how nice.

In my blog I simply pointed out some fanatical comments made by a well known Indian Islamic preacher Dr. Zakir Naik. You can investigate for yourself the depth of madness this man speaks, of course he doesn’t promote violence or anything like that, but fanaticism about Islam been the ONLY TRUTH etc, is very obvious. It is fanatic.

I suppose my video was ‘flagged’ by some humans who didn’t like the points I wrote about the learned professor, so YouTube blindly decided to disable my video which had received about 3000 views within 2 days after been uploaded. The video has touched the raw nerve of some brainwashed humans causing them to fake flag it.

But I am disappointed with YouTube for not allowing the so called freedom of expression, freedom of free speech. I was not hating the professor, rather only pointing out his madness. Is youtube in bed with Islamic Fanatics and/or with their money? I wonder.


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