Join the Revolution of Self-Writing to Freedom.

I have decided to write daily, now it has been going rather well. Writing is pretty cool way to self express. So why write? I write to share my desteni process of birthing myself as LIFE. I write to expose the abuses in this world that which we blindly accept and allow as normal. I write because of the pain of surviving is so heavy, so to release that frustration.

Also in writing I bring about an awareness about any specific topic, its sharing therefore caring. As more people read and write on issues that matters to us all, an awareness is created about it, as problems and solutions are discussed via writing.

Yet writing is not really about convincing anyone, rather simply placing common sense facts and points about any given issue. There are tons of points one could write about it. In the coming years, as many people go online now, there is a wider audience that is willing to share and learn about this world we live in. As abuses and destructions continue, must write about all those points.

Obviously, writing is also about share the tools of self forgiveness and self honesty with other humans. Giving others a chance to rebirth themselves as life. I can imagine 10 years from now, with all the blogging and vlogging going on for ‘Equal for All’, the degree of awareness about such issues would have widely spread. Its all thanks to taking the time to write daily.

Magically, in that writing process, self-writing to freedom happens, writing is always self writing, as a destonians, my writing also takes me to self freedom.

So Join us: at learn and join the revolution of self writing.

Its a form of self-birthing.


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