Breathing, and Shoes.

Breathing helps.

As such another cannot breath for you. suppose if another can breathe for you, imagine, how dependent you would be on that person? yet that is precisely what we do in relationships we become dependent on the other to breath for us.

At least in my case, i have become sort of dependent on my partner to breathe for me. I realize that such dependency is obviously very unhealthy and i am giving up my self power and giving up my self responsibility to stand as myself, here as the breath of life. Wanting another to breathe for me, or wanting another to make me happy, is rather parasitic, it doesn’t allow self-maturing rather creates emotional dependency, that’s all.

I quote, “in life and death, you’re alone”. That is very true, unwilling die is the problem, unwilling to die every moment is the problem, unwilling to live as the breath of this moment here is the problem, simply breathing here, standing here and doing what is best for all, is all that is needed. Yet the mind as myself doesn’t want to be here, it lives in the head, and creates all sorts of dramas, and nowadays they actually end up manifesting them.

So live as breath here, this moment, this breath, breathe, breathing, be physical here, feel the body, cut down the thinking idiot box, don’t have to think to exist in this reality, don’t have to imagine to exist in this reality, don’t have to project to exist as physical, simply breathing here is sufficient. When action is needed to do what is best for all, ask the simple question, “how do i like to be treated if i were in their shoes?

Every life form out there is a life for me awaiting in future, so I must always ask the question, how exactly would I like to be treated suppose if i am walking in that or this person’s shoes? Indeed not very easy to ask such questions and open self to others, because the fucking ego has gotten us/me/you, so not easy. I suppose its matter of pushing myself to ask the question, and apply myself accordingly.

How would i like to be treated if I were in their shoes?

Death is coming, that is for sure, all these ego games i play, at the time of death, i just have to declare loss anyways, as all my ego games will END with death. had i at least ask that magic question and lived my life in a decent way, at least i can die a bit peacefully knowing that i did check my ego. Again the magic question is, how would i like to be treated if i were in their shoes?

Many times i have been in the ditch, needing a helping hand, or generosity or some words of solace, and for sure, i am thankful when others came to aid me. So i can see how it felt to be supported when i was in need. I can see how it feels to be supported. You can never go wrong with the question: how would i like to be treated if i were in their shoes?  Ok, I realize this is how i like to be treated if i am in that shoes, so therefore let me do that exactly. without any feelings or emotions of charity, let me do exactly how i would like to be treated.

And today, 22,000 humans will die in hunger or hunger related diseases, i wonder, what they will be going through right now? How would i like to be treated if i am in their shoes right now ? of course, there is absolutely nothing i can do right here now to prevent those 22,000 deaths today, but there is something i can do to prevent millions such deaths in future. that is to stand up for Equal Money System until it is a fact of reality here.

This process is first about self-standing, standing in self stability, only then, i can be effective in supporting and assisting another as myself without having them breathe for me. As i stand in self stability, i can be more effective in standing for Equal Money System.

I am here breathing.

Hence, breathing is the primary key to this process along with self forgiveness and self honesty.

I breathe.


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