Self-Forgive Your Inhibitions to have the Greatest Sex Ever.

Two unlikely mix of topics you may say, so exactly what sex has to do with self-forgiveness?

You will agree sex is a process of intimacy, its not about just penetration. There is a whole lot going on while two are pounding. Inadequacy, superiority, inferiority, lack, lack of self worth, self-judgement, self comparing to porn movies, self comparing to Hollywood figures, or recalling past sexual memories both pleasant and unpleasant, etc. 

In terms of memories of sexual abuse, and/or rape, intense memories, feelings and emotions can get activated during normal sex encounters which can be very difficult for both partners.  

Likewise childhood sexual encounters and memories can in later years compound things while you pump the love of your life. Sex is a very complicated thing, way to complicated, as that is what we have accepted and allowed it to be via thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories, ideas, stories, and belief systems of various types. 

Its sickening to have sex and feel like you got hit by a thunderstorm of memories from way back when. And this by no means imply that you have to have some ‘bad’ experiences from your past like rape, child sex abuse, etc, not at all, just by watching a simple family channel during growing up years, you could have formed how you perceive sex and hence experience hell while going deep. 

Self-forgiveness will set you free from all such bullshit nonsense that you have been accepting and allowing within you ever since you realized that you got a dick or clitoris. 

It’s time to have some real ‘free’ sex, by setting yourself free with Self-Forgiveness, give it a try, check it out at :



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