Tourism is for the rich only.

This evening I went to downtown Ottawa, Ontario, enjoying a nice evening at an outdoor restaurant patio having some food. Many localities and tourists packed the famous Byward market area, a known landmark in Ottawa for tourism. 

One thing strikes me when I look at the happy tourist scene is how fake all this really is, I mean we have 3 billion humans living under $2 a day, and nearly 1 billion starving each night, and some 21,000 dying each day out of hunger or related diseases, yet in the Byward market vicinity life goes on with all the fun and glamour. I don’t mean to be a joy killer, by all means go on with your vacation plans, and enjoy what it has to offer, but just don’t limit yourself to the prettiness of your vacations. 

There is a whole lot going on in this world other than strolling around beautiful downtown tourist areas, enjoying as if there is only heaven on earth. I have noticed this every time I hit the downtown core, the tourist scene strikes me as unreal and fake, but I realize these people have money, the elitist of course. Those who live for less than $2 a day cannot stroll in downtown Ottawa around the Byward market enjoying its relaxing evening setting. Its for the rich and mighty rich only. I belong to the elitists class like most Canadians. 

So the next time you’re on a vacation, take a moment to consider the plight of those millions who made your vacation possible, yes, they made your vacation possible. The rich can be rich because the poor exist, hard to imagine how such a logic is even possible. I am not saying turn your next vacation into a guilt trip, no, rather simply look at the common sense point of all humans having equal quality of life unconditionally. That is very doable with equal money system. 

Investigate equal money system at:

And do enjoy your next vacation, I had a nice time at the Byward market tonight, I just don’t to have fun at the cost of thousands of people dying out of hunger each night, so why can’t we create a practical heaven on earth, so that all may live a life of dignity. And enjoy this wonderful planet, the sunshine, the rivers, lakes, you name it, we have to enjoy life, just make sure that everyone else too can enjoy their lives. 

That’s practical equality, do unto others as you would like it to be done unto you. Simple.


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