And God said, “Let there be Islamic Terrorists.”

On the seventh day, after having created the earth and heaven, all the animals, the sky, the trees, waters, Adam and Eve, He decided to rest on the holy seventh day.

While He was resting, a great idea manifested within his unfathomable cosmic mind, He imagined the year 2000 and beyond, He could perceive the situation was not so cool in some parts of his creation. He saw political and social madness all over the world, He saw restless unemployed uneducated youngsters who were getting indoctrinated by fanatical religious folks who praised His name 5 times a day, yet there were no peace within them or among them. He saw the youngsters were wondering around praising nationalism and religious sectarianism, division within divisions, more or less, God saw a total mess. He saw other nations walking into trouble areas to make a quick buck, He was clueless as to what to do, then came the greatest idea of all time: 

God created the Islamic Terrorists as warriors with multiple missions statements, of course the foremost being utter devotion to Himself, then to voice local injustices through a form of violence for self and others, thirdly to denounce anything non-Islamic as infidel. 

And furthermore God was so pleased to see the gigantic security industry that has spun out of control to contain the Islamic terrorism, He was pleased to see such industry has given jobs to millions and mega contracts to few. God saw how the security industry has turned the planet into an open prison. 

He was indeed very pleased with His creation, and so He continued to rest on the holy seventh day. 

What a beautiful God we have whose absolute and almighty power of creation has created an amazing planet with insane humans. I wonder if you will really take ‘the God created the earth story’ so seriously. And many do. 

God is a real fucker to have created terrorist of any type, let alone the Islamic terrorists. Alas, God never told you that hell on earth is created by the nasty capitalistic economic system we have. 

If you are like myself, interested in creating a real heaven on earth, unlike the God’s bullshit 7 day attempt, I invite you to join to investigate how Equal Money System can eradicate all forms of terrorism and the so called security industry. Investigate Equal Money System to understand how fanatics will not have the power to indoctrinate youngsters to take up arms against others, investigate how Equal Money will bring a practical heaven on earth, closing down this open prison we have now for good. 

Lets bring a real practical heaven on earth, so God can really be pleased with His creation. 



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