And God said, “Let there be Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner.”

The almighty, all knowing, all powerful, all compassionate, the alpha and the omega, the one without a beginning or end, the timeless, the most merciful, the creator of all things, the God almighty, has declared and created this tradition where the animal turkey is allowed to be killed and consumed for the festival day of thanksgiving. Of all days, God has created the thanksgiving day to kill and torture this poor bird, so us humans can give thanks for our plentiful abundance.

How amazing is this God, he has thought about every little detail about our existence, even the type of bird we will consume for thanksgiving. I am sure the bird won’t be very happy with God’s choice of meat for thanksgiving, after all even the birds love their lives, they love to fly, enjoy, live happily with their fellow birds, and enjoy a nice day of thanksgiving too, I am sure even the birds got something to be thankful for, certainly been on the human dinner table is not what they wanted from their merciful God. 

How fucked up is this fucking God of us. And not to mention, nearly 1 billion humans starving tonight, and no big bird for them tonight, too bad, they will have to starve, or pray for some manna from the sky. 

When God created all of creation, and was resting on the seventh day, in an act of self-thanksgiving, He declared unto himself, “Let there be Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner” (for the rich humans). 

Lets continue this fucked up of story of God and his most amazing creation we are experiencing here now as the physical hellish reality.

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Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks for the plentiful turkey on my dinner table, God, you love me so much, you have given me a huge piece while a billion starve tonight, you really do love me, you have chosen me to love, I am your chosen child, you have given me plenty, a house to live, a car to drive, money to spend, regular sex, wow you do love me, I owe you a million thanks God.

Fucking shit, get real, 21,000 humans die a day out of hunger or related diseases, and you think God loves you? 


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