What if God has a Penis?

Economy is fucked, environment is fucked, job market is fucked, job security is pretty much fucked, pension funds are fucked, stock market is fucked, nature is fucked, rivers and seas are fucked, education system is fucked, capitalistic money system is fucked, legal system is fucked, medical industry is fucked, health-care providers and their system of support for the sick is fucked, air pollution is fucked, green forest situation is beyond fucked, marriage and family systems are fucked, international relations are fucked, the UN is fucked, the WHO is fucked, the church is fucked, the christian fanatics are fucked, the Islamic fanatics are fucked, the security situation is fucked, the market forces are above and beyond fucked, gas prices are getting fucked by the minute, corporate greed is fucked beyond measure, sweatshops are damn fucked, prostitution is pretty fucked up from day one of Adam and Eve, Love is fucked, trust is fucked into mistrust, religious wars are fucked, the holy books are fucked, the new age gurus are fucked up, the new age cults are pretty fucked up, daily evening breaking news are nothing but fucked up bullshit, traffic jams are pretty fucked up, US-Iran tension is boiling to a fucked up point, unemployment rate is fucked up, Republican GOP debates looking fucked up by the day, occupation of wall street is insanely fucked up, Arab spring is fucked up, India Pakistan situation is pretty fucked up, democracy world over is looking pretty fucked up, politicians are damned fucked beyond imagination, scientific research sponsored by corporate funding is rather fucked up, human condition is fucked up, earth is fucked up, animals are fucked up by man, human nature is fucked up, pretty much the whole human race is FUCKED up.

So I beg the question: What would God do if God has a penis? (here I am assuming God to be a non-male entity, excuse me if that offends any male readers) ,  I mean everything on earth is pretty much fucked so bad, if God had penis, its of no use, there is nothing left to be fucked anymore, as everything else is so fucked up already. All He can do is possibly help himself in his private quarters. That’s about it. 

Care to change this fucked up world? Join us http://www.desteni.co.za and EqualMoney.org 

Lets bring an end to this fucked-up-ness we have created. At least God can happily play with his toy by himself seen that all of his children are cared for by Equal Money System.

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