Be in the world but not of the world – Exactly how please?

I have heard that line before, “be in the world but not of the world” but really never understood exactly how is that possible? I mean how do you be in the world, but not of the world? 

Was God playing a joke when He spoke such ? Or the bible is trying fuck us around with magically hidden codes? Its apparently from the book of John. Well bible is not totally rubbish, it has some cool stuff, like “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, it just such things never taken into practical consideration, only the God bullshit is adored, while something actually practical is discarded for another era. How ironic. Anyways, lets return to, “be in it but not of it”. has a great method or a self-help way how one can “be in it but not of it”. That is achieved via breath. By simply breathing here, and not allowing my thoughts, emotions and feelings to run amok, i am able to be here, be in the world and not of it. In breathing, been here as breath, i am able to cut down the river of emotions that runs within me more than the blood that flows within my body. Mind is racing with thoughts, emotions, and feelings, there is apparently no way out of it, humanity get caught in this violent storm within the mind. 

Yet the simplest of solutions is here, the breath, the eye of the needle. Breathe, be here, dont’ allow even a slightest voice in the head to take over, in doing so one gets lost. In breathing, i am able to cut the story out from myself. I mean really the world exist within my mind as a story. when i close my eyes, where is the world? oh yes, it can exist as memories. even memories need thoughts to replay itself. so no thought, no world. yet be here entirely and totally. 

Then what will motivate any action you may ask? Only the principle of what is best for all, not love, not affection, not attraction, not care, not promise, not bloodline, nothing only the principle of what is best for all, must move one into action. In that way i am able to be in the world Fully, and not be Of it. 

Breathing, no thoughts, no stories, ample self-forgiveness, are the keys to “Be in the world but not of the world”. 

I am in process of birthing myself as life, so continue to face many difficulties in been here, i often get lost in the head, its voices, emotions and feelings. 

When and as I see myself getting lost in the story of my head, i know, i am gone, realizing that, i stop the story right away, i become here again, i breathe, knowing i am the breath of life. i give myself the tool of breath. i assist myself with the breath. i become the in-breath and out-breath i mean no stories. how hard can it be? no story in the head is ever important. it appears to be very scary and fearful, that is precisely when self-forgiveness is used. to assist myself to overcome my mental stories and fears. Giving me to me. 

This is a process, i am walking with please join us, its fun, its serious, its best for all.  So be in the world fully, but not of the  world. Lets put the bible into practices for a change, shall we? 


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