Jesus the Abortionist.

Jesus is a funny guy, he healed the sick, resurrected the dead, taught people to love thy neighbour as thyself, indignantly reacted towards tax collectors at religious compounds, turned water into wine, wash the feet of his disciples, then at the end we are told he died and resurrected himself from the dead, etc etc. 

So I deduct easily, Jesus would be one vote for providing abortion rights, proper support systems, required expertise and unconditional financial support for women who seek abortion for whatever reason.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprise if Jesus himself carry out the abortion, if needed to be. Within the principle of what is best for all, I am sure, Jesus will have no hesitation to declare himself as an abortionist, if needed to be. 

Within that, its easy to see, Jesus will stand for Equal money system, Equal health-care system, Equal education system, Equal housing system, Equal labor system, etc, simply because of his own teachings: Love thy neighbour as thyself, which obviously includes unconditionally supporting thy neighbour who needs an abortion. 

However, Jesus will not make the decision to abort or not, its upto the woman to decide within an unconditional support environment. Abortion is a self-responsible, and self-honest decision, not based on any dumb rules of morality. In any case, ample support on all levels must be made available for women who seek abortion, which also means every human being is self-responsible for any abortion that goes on. 

No one can turn a blind eye, as every abortion matters seriously. Of course you can’t turn abortion into a trivial matter. Its a self-responsible decision for all those involved. Directly or indirectly, every human is self-responsible for every abortion that goes no, can’t wash your hands of so easily. 

Equal Money System and Equal Healthcare system will provide unconditional support for all those involved, it will make things easier for this most difficult of life decisions. I am sure, Jesus the abortionist, will approve Equal money system and Equal health-care system. 

Another vital question to ask is, with all the life support systems been made available under Equal Money System, would women chose abortion? Under the current capitalistic system, personal financial stability is a big part of the decision, to bring a child or not, so it is entirely possible under Equal Money System, no woman will ever make that dreadful decision to end her pregnancy. Even exceptional cases may become rare indeed. Whatever the case may be, there must be unconditional support for any woman who wishes to end her pregnancy. 

At the same time, I can imagine a world without a single abortion, as the birthing of any child is a collective joy and responsibility for whole of humanity. Now that will make Jesus really happy, he can hang up his gloves forevermore. Lets start with putting Equal Money System in place.  


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