Protesting Occupiers: Equal Money System is the key.

Many so called ‘Occupy’ protests are going around the world nowadays. Do they seriously believe such protests will bring an end to the greed and monstrosity of the current capitalist money system? Or do they hope their protests will make the money gods lessen the brutality of the capitalistic system?

It is a pipe dream to believe that money gods will do a favor to humanity after such massive worldwide ‘occupy’ protests. 


However, should you want real change, here is the way: Join Equal Money System, study it, investigate it, become a participating member of it, share it, etc. Because changing the world system is a gigantic task, it will take proper efforts and time. Just occupying some street for a week or two will do nothing my friends. 

Here is the path, the democratic political non-violent, non-protesting, path is the principle of one-man one-vote. We are the Equal Life Party, who will in time implement Equal Money System that will unconditionally support every human being from birth to death. Now if you care, if you dare, if really want change, if you really want something good for every human being, investigate Equal Money System. Just shouting and screaming is like masturbation, want to do some really real? Join us, now today, dont’ waste a moment, join us now. visit us:



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