Unable to speak properly? Start writing to freedom at: desteni.co.za

Writing improves speaking. 

Now that I have been self-writing daily for 21 days or more, there is bit of stability in self-writing, meaning, it comes a bit naturally. I look forward to self-writing time period every night. Resistance at times is still there in the form of ‘no topic to write tonight’, however still managed to make it to 21 days.

Also, I have noticed that within my daily writing, I have improved my effectiveness in my day to day conversations. I am not a native English speaker, and by any means not a very articulate person, but since started self-writing daily, I have observed that my speaking sounds better. My effectiveness in day to day talking has improved, I do it rather properly and effectively, to the point. That is rather cool indeed. Also, within effective speaking, I am able to listen to others talk properly too. 

Self-writing does some good tricks to self. I like it. And if you have difficulty in speaking in your day to day life, start self-writing. Join us in the revolution in self-writing to freedom at: http://www.desteni.co.za 



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