Will animals cost money and sold in ‘pet shops’, under Equal Money System?

Breathing is always a good way to start self-writing.

Equal Money System is about honoring Life, all Life. That is the foremost founding principle of Equal Money System. To begin with, honor each and every human being, support every human unconditionally everywhere. 

As Life, supporting animals with food, water, veterinary services, animal shelters etc will be core guiding principles in caring for animals. After all, reliably supporting our animals with food, water, shelter etc is real love of pets even today. 

Within our current system of ‘survival of the fittest’, we see how animals in search of food and water place themselves in grave danger by wondering into towns and other human habitats. Even for domesticated animals like cows, dogs, cats, etc, if we don’t provide them with food and water they will have to seek/search for their basic needs, therefore we as humans are placing animals in dangerous positions. 

Humans are far more capable than animals, so we can create, build, provide, organize, allocate, grow, etc, hence we humans have a responsibility to care and support for animals and their well-being. I mean, imagine an animal well fed and well loved, compared to a starving hungry thirsty abused animal? As humans, we can imagine the pain of animals as hunger and abuse is something we humans experience too. No water, No food, is a serious human problem for many, its a serious animal problem as well, hence as humans it is our collective responsibility to provide for animals. 

Within that background of caring for animals as Life as equal and one to us humans, there is absolutely NO question of ‘selling’ or ‘buying’ animals as pets. Pets are not commodities to be bought and sold within any types of markets whatsoever. Never. 

Then the question, where will I get my pet? Obviously animal administration is an essential service, there will be authorities from which you can obtain a pet for your family. 

You cannot buy your pet, you must prove that you’re a responsible human being and that are you willing, and able to care, support this pet of yours. It will not cost you anything either to obtain the pet or to maintain the pet. 

Humans are animal abusers, yes even the great pet lovers at times can lose their temper and dump it onto their pets, just like how humans dump their emotional shit onto their children, pet abuse exist just like child-abuse exist. Hence, as a pet owner, you must demonstrate your ability to respond and your ability to care for a pet as an equal to yourself. 

Are you willing to care for this animal as an equal to yourself? The animal is not just a pet, or a toy, you must self-realize that point. The pet is Life equal and one to you, hence its an agreement you form as you take the pet home. 

So the real ‘cost’ of getting/owing a pet is your ability to care for the animal, to honor the animal, as equal and one as life as you. It must be demonstrated within your words, writings, and in your understandings, and if you fail in your actions, no worries, EMS will help you rehab yourself. There will be rehabs for life-abusers, yes animal abusers are life-abusers. 

So to answer your question, NO, animals will not cost you Money, and NO there will not be any “pet shops”. There will be animal care centers, authorities, which can be viewed as ‘pet shops’, yes by all means. You can go to places to get your pet a hair cut if you so desire. Of course, no buying or selling of animals, can Life be ever bought and sold? Is there a price for your child, your own flesh and blood? Can your child be bought and sold? 

All services in relation to animal care will be provided by the EMS, from the basic training skills to advance pet surgery if needed for your pet. Just like how you as a human will be supported unconditionally, your pet too will be supported unconditionally. 

But no crazy shit like having 60 starving cats in your filthy bedroom, please, use common sense. If you are unable to decide the maximum pets you can handle, well, EMS will decide it for you, for sure, no over crowded cat population in your house because you Love Cats so much. In such dramatic cases, you will be supported to restore self-responsible mental well-being for yourself. Don’t worry, you will never be abandoned under EMS.

Enjoy your pet, this Life here as an animal, be a caring loving responsible partner in this new agreement between you and your pet. Equal and One, enjoying each other, manifest heaven on earth, that is best for all humans, and best for all animals. 

I am one vote for a practical heaven on earth for all animals, cats, dogs, cows, horses, donkeys, lions, tigers, monkeys, crocks, you name it. Use your common sense, for the record, no, you cannot have a poisonous cobra as a pet under EMS. Common Sense.

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