Can I be the IDOLS winner in the Equal Money System?

Breathing is essential here in the physical, its always a great way to start self-writing. Here is a better question to ask: Can I be the IDOLS loser in the Equal Money System? 

You will agree with me, if winners are allowed then by default losers are accepted, certainly, I won’t like to be a loser in anything. So the two polar opposites of a swing, winning and losing, goes hand in hand. 

Within the current money system, estimated 1 billion humans are starving each night, while 3 billion humans living under 2$ a day. Those are the real losers and yes there are few winners, and ‘winners take it all’ in this reality. It is easy deduct this winning and losing game hasn’t been very life supporting, yes it has created great many shows, entire system of entertainment is driven upon winning and losing game shows, and the whole thing hasn’t been very life supporting at all.

Shows like American Idols or Canadian Idols are promoted as search for talents, or search for the next mega star, be it in singing or any other talents. Competition is obviously the self-propelling factor among the participants while the show runs for making money at any cost. Its a show to make money, providing entertainment or searching for the next mega stars are just pretext.

So lets look at few points: Searching for stars, entertainment in music or any other show of talents, stage performance, competition among the future potential stars, how such shows impact children, and obvious point of profit making.

Equal Money System isn’t geared to making profits, so the last point above is gone. In terms of searching for stars etc, are meaningless concepts, I mean who is going to view you as a star? Surely, you can be a self-star, in other words, self-expression via singing or performing talents is all about self-expression, self doing for the joy of self, yes it can be a performance for many to enjoy and watch. 

The whole notion of searching for stars is gone out of the window, for one to be a shining star, many must fade away into the darkness. In the sky of Equal Money System, every star shines brightly and equally, allowing everyone to self-express themselves. The search here is self-search, you are searching for yourself within yourself. Likewise performance on the stage becomes a self-performance. There is no room for competition, or elimination. Equal Money System is a stage where everyone can shine, everyone can perform, no elimination whatsoever. 

Obviously some sing better than others, but does it make them special? Does it make them a star? Not in an Equal Money System because the joy of singing belongs to everyone, if you have a voice you can sing. And you may work on improving your self-expression in singing if you wish to. Children will not grow up believing and limiting themselves in the fear of self-expressions because no child likes to be eliminated either in the first round or in the last round. At the moment, children watching such talent shows develop self-limitation, they are not becoming self-stars, instead they compare them to others and feel less about themselves; children become the grave(n) image, an idol, not life. 

Who wants to be an IDOL, an image, a graven image, rather be LIFE, be an expression of life, that’s what self expression is all about within Equal Money. 

Sing as life, dance as life, move as life, perform as life, swim as life, jump as life, laugh as life, joke as life, run as life, what it takes to self-express yourself, just do it, you will never be eliminated. Goes without saying, room for self-improvement, not to be mistaken for comparison or the need to compete, no, simply, allowing yourself to practice, master your talents, skills, in that you allowing yourself to be a self-star. 

No judges, no rewards, no points, you just sing, you enjoy yourself, and others watching/listening to you enjoy themselves as you. No comparison, no performance anxiety, no fear of loss, no pressure of winning, you just do it. 

Winning and losing is a nasty theory made by God and promoted by Capitalism, leaving nearly 21,000 humans dead a day, while many millions in the brink of starvation. So, don’t bother with been the IDOLS winner or loser, no such thing will ever exist within Equal Money System. 

In the Here Now, do you want to be a real winner ? Be a LIFE winner, lets create a world so that everyone will win, equally. 

Join us:



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