Why not then simply going for Resource Based Economy (instead of Equal Money System) ?

Resource Based Economy is a commendable idea compare to the monstrosity of Capitalism we have at the moment. RBE is a shift from purely profit-making to a purposeful motive, where it “reduce the human tendency toward individualism, corruption, and greed, and instead rely on people helping each other.” Good stuff, but it is not the complete solution.

RBE is ideology based not principle based hence not entirely sure if it can stand the test of time. RBE is primarily focused on the ‘resource’ part of the problem while disregarding multi-dimensional aspects of the human being. It is one thing just to solve the resource problem, while its a whole different matter to solve human problems of which resource is one vital component. 

Equal Money System is a multi-dimensional solution to human problems, here the word “money” must be read in sound as “my-needs”. So EMS is really an Equal My-Needs System. In this EMS, all my needs are cared for, likewise, for every human being his/her my-needs are cared for. The “equal” is where the quality of life is equally provided to all human beings. Quality of life is accessible to all human beings equally. Yes, you can deliberately deny yourself the benefits of EMS and cause yourself to suffer, that is a whole different blog, however you as a living breathing human being you’re totally qualified for all services of EMS. 

RBE is just about resources either man-made or natural, while EMS is about everything plus resources. So in a sense, RBE is a tinny subset of EMS to state fairly. While aspects of RBE will be considered in the on going EMS research in relation to the vast issue of resources, resource management, resource sustainability, production and its use. Certainly, RBE is not a replacement for EMS nor RBE is a solution to the vast array of human problems.

One vital difference between the RBE and Equal Money System is the principle of Life. EMS is life driven, it touches all life on earth, while RBE is only an idea, an ideology, is not life based, it touches one aspect of human life. 

Hence simply moving to RBE from the current Capitalistic system would be a relief but it will not be sufficient or complete. Hence we suggest a shift directly into Equal Money System. However one intermediate step to consider is BIG, Basic Income Grants for all humans as a welcoming stepping stone to EMS.

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