Power of Here. Power of Life.

I have noticed that I consider some moments to be more special than others. In that I have allowed myself to perceive those that are present in some moments to be more special than others who will appear in another moment. For example, when I share a moment with my parents specially with my dad, I will allow myself to see that moment as a lesser moment, which is what I have done for years, and in that allowances, I will perceive my dad as a lesser being whose presence can be ignored. Same at work or at shopping mall, or in the bus, anywhere you name it, I have allowed myself to believe that some moments are special than others. That is abuse of life.

It all goes back to breath, this breath here, I breathe. In this breath lies the eternal hereness, the hereness of me, my physical reality. The hereafter is not here. The hereafter is anything that is not here, anything that is yet to be here, it could the road trip tomorrow, anything that is not here is the hereafter. Not been within this breathe here I miss the Hereness and wanders into the hereafter (or the herebefore) and totally miss this moment here. If I am totally Here, then, I will allow myself to be here with anyone or anything that is Here. If I am here totally, then, I am here totally with another who is present here. I will not go into the hereafterness of my mind and ignore or neglect this being here, or goto the herebeforeness and recall nasty shit about this being and start abusing and neglecting them. 

This moment here is the most important moment or point in existence, yes, it is. Because, I can only be Here in this moment, anything outside of here is, either the Hereafter or the Herebefore. My tendency to value some moments as more significant than others, therefore to perceive some beings as more important than others is due to me not been here totally. 

In me been here totally, I am able value and participate equally in every moment. Never will I say, or this moment is a joke, I can say any bullshit I want because this moment apparently is a joke, not so important hence it is justifiable to tease around or joke around, and in that, neglect or ignore or abuse others. 

Abuse of life is only possible when I am not here totally. Not considering this moment as the moment of life, the hereness of life, I allow myself to abuse others either mentally or physically. 

And we all know, things are compounding, so more moments gone wasted, it will have a compounding effect, each moment will show to me on the face sooner or later, that I missed or devalued that moment. No moment is any lesser. Every moment matters equally. Will I ever say, oh 9am is more important than 9pm? Why so? There are just 2 moments in the timeline, why one matters more than another? In seen each equally as moments to be here, then I am present to both moments equally. I am here at 9am and 9pm equally fully physically here. 

I have learned, it takes one moment to create hell. It takes one moment to speak a word that will destroy a relationship. It takes one moment to give into an old energy and act insanely. It takes one moment to give into lust and hence to rape. It takes one moment of desire to slide into adultery. It takes one moment to murder another. It takes one moment to destroy a planet.

Likewise, it takes just one moment, to tame the storm, to hold back the anger, to release the desire, to let go the rage, to let go the urge to commit most atrocious crimes, all it takes is one moment to save yourself. And you may ask, where is this one moment, when will I see or meet this moment? The answer is surprisingly easy, it is this moment here as you breathe. Only in this moment of hereness, that I can save my back. 

The point I am trying to make is, every moment here matters equally. Therefore, every word spoken, every gesture, every action, every comment, every look, ever conversation, every projection, every charge, every blame, every nag, Matters Equally. 

Everything matters. Some say, “yes ultimately that is true”, those things matter “ultimately”, but we can ignore them for now here. NO NO. I have learned, everything here what matters the most, therefore this moments matters, next moment matters, the one after matters. All matters equally. The ultimate is here.

Be here in the moment totally entirely physically, it is the only moment matters in existence. The next moment is the hereafter, it is as good as talking about the dead, what matters is this moment here. 

At times I let myself jokingly abuse another in this moment here believing that I can make it up later on, I can patch it up later on, come on, I have ample time to patch things up. Therefore I have allowed myself to believe that I can ‘take it easy’ this moment and let myself lose off a bit, abuse a bit, hurt a bit, tease a bit, neglect a bit, you know what I am saying, just do little jabs here and there, after all I will make it up for it later on, another time. Not realizing, what matters is only this moment. What I say or do here matters the most, it has momentum to the next to the next etc. 

You can create hell only in this moment here, in your words, actions or thoughts. At times, I allowed myself to believe that this moment is some kind of a secret, meaning, nobody will ever witness what I am saying or doing in this moment, hence, I permitted myself to abuse a bit, let it lose a bit, only for this moment. Never realizing, the entire existence is a witness to this moment, I cannot hide nor run, what I allow within me this moment has consequences. There are no secrets.  

And for the record, the simplest definition of this moment is this breath here. To make my life a success in any sense of the word, I must live in this breath here, not in the hereafter or the herebefore.

Life is only in this breath here, all else is just a story. Destenti tools will assist in this process of living Here and thereby honoring all that is here equally. That is the power of here, the power of life.  

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