Which Breath is More Important?

Ever wonder which breath is more important? From the first breath to the last breath in our lives, so many breaths we take in, yet does it ever occur as to which breath is more important and why?

I say the last breath is the most important one as it end the bullshit of living nightmare we see within us and all around us. OK, lets leave the last breath aside as a special case, and so what about all other breaths we take in throughout a lifetime ? Which breath is more important?  Clearly some breaths must be more important than others at least going by how we live out each breath. 

Been here with this person is more important than been over there alone in my room for example, or been at work is more important than standing in line at the grocery store, so in how we live out each breath, it is easy to see that some moments/breaths are more important than some other moments/breaths. Within that, some people are more important than others, hence a world of inequality is created by not giving equal attention to each breath here. 

The breath here is LIFE. This breath here is LIFE. And believing some other breath other than this breath here to be more important, takes me out of here into the delusion of mind and its projections. Here means this breath here. To live here means to be here as this breath here. Therefore each breath here is life, hence equal, everyone here within this breath is equal to me, nobody or no thing is more or less than any other. As I breathe this breath here, All is here with me, equal and one. 

Within that arise the question of responsibility to all there is here including those starving and homeless millions. Within each breath I take, it is my responsibility to care, support and consider all that is here within this breath I take. 

It is a privilege to breathe, and it implies a responsibility for self and for all others as self here. If I am only breathing for my own selfish wants and needs, I am nothing but a selfish fucker, a burden on earth soon to be forgotten. Hence I commit myself within this/every breath I take in, to support and bring about an Equal Money System that is best for all.

All breaths are equal, likewise, all living beings are equal, so they must be all supported and cared for, that is what an Equal Money System is all about.

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