Customizing your next Reincarnation is a Nightmare.

Believing in reincarnation is the easy part, now here comes the difficult part. Exactly how would you like your next life to be ? Have you considered customizing your next birth? Here is how I like my next life to be:

Surely, I would like to be born as a human, I mean who wants to be born as a cow for example, why would I want to walk into all that cutting and chopping, for what. No way, I decline the option to be born as a cow or any animal for that matter. 

Even within the human category, I would like make some very specific selections, and will most certainly decline some undesirable features. 

Hunger: no way. I will never want to be born into a family where I will have to starve or have no water for days. Impossible, I will never chose such an option for my next life.

Homelessness: positively not. I like to sleep in a warm nice bed, under the protective cover of a nice house, secure and safe. I will not pick this option, leave it others in the streets of Calcutta perhaps. 

Poverty: No way. I like to enjoy my life, never will I consider a life of poverty, never. How will I enjoy a good quality of life, I will always have to worry about survival and nothing else. Poverty is a depressing life, not for me, thanks.

Rape: Oh on, I will never take that option, nope, I will never want to be born as a woman who will get rape once in a while. It might be fun for the rich powerful man, but the utter agony and trauma of rape, who wants that. Nope, not even want to be born as a prostitute, I will never want to do such jobs to feed my family. Never. 

No Education: decline. I like to be well read and like to write as well, as you can see in this blog, I love writing. So education is vital for my well being, so I will never want to be born into a situation where I will be uneducated or where education will not be a right, but only privilege. No thanks that next life is option is not for me. I like to have full access to my education in my next life. 

Polluted City: Oh no, I don’t want to be living in a dirty polluted city. No thanks. Who wants to inhale all that shit. I like fresh clean air.

Dirty water: Oh no, I like to have nice clean fresh water. No reincarnation for me, if I have to drink dirty water from the rotten rivers like many do today. God no way, I would rather not reincarnate. 

Crime: Oh no, I don’t want to be born into a place where there is crime and violence, I don’t want to risk getting myself hurt as a child or as an adult, I mean what kind of life would that be, to live in constant fear of getting physically hurt. No thanks. 

No medicine: Oh no. I like to have full access to medical services that are either affordable or free. I mean I don’t want to born into a life where i will have to pay arm and a leg to get rid of a seasonal flu. What kind of a horrible life is that.

You see the nightmare, customizing my next reincarnation is a scary task, looking at the current world situation today, I am very worried about my next life. Looks like finding that very specific life supporting situation to be born into is a nightmare already.  

We have a hellish world today, so what are the chances of finding a good decent situation/environment to pick for my next reincarnation? I am very worried indeed. We need a solution to fix this world now, so my reincarnation can be a cool experience. No more suffering at all.

Equal Money System will assure a practical living heaven for your next reincarnation on this earth. For this reason alone, I stand and support EMS unconditionally. And if you have any sense of self-love, join us, join Equal Money today, lets bring a practical heaven on earth. So all may enjoy a good life, now and in ages to come.

You dont’ even have to worry about customizing your next reincarnation, as any life you take on, will be a cool one. Fully supported no matter what life you decide to born into. You will love it. Join us.


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