Equal Money System pays ‘Life Insurance’ payout at birth.

So strange, you get your Life Insurance only when you die. What a wicked idea, and for that you have to pay premiums for all your life. Yet we all have accepted and allowed such a bullshit concept, and even renamed them to feel good about it.

Would you ever buy Death Insurance? Would you ever pay monthly premiums all your life to buy an eventual Death Insurance? That is exactly what so-called Life Insurance currently is.

Life Insurance business is a total scam because it is given when you die. Obviously, you really don’t know how that payouts will be given when you die, who knows, those “Insurance Inspectors” will do their utter most to prevent the big payout to your family once you’re dead. It all depends on what was on the written contract between you, the dead, and the insurer. 

Insurance companies will promise you millions as Life Insurance payouts, but will they actually give out the promised millions? Such a scam, you will never know the truth of it. So many pre-conditions and contracts, it all depends. People must blog and vlog about their experiences in dealing with Life Insurance scams. 

Equal Money System is a Life Insurance given at Birth. Call it Birth Insurance, the gigantic payout is given from the moment of birth, so from birth to death, unconditionally you will be supported with this ‘Birth Insurance’ (paid monthly). Now that is real Life Insurance, it is given so that you can Live your whole Life. Instead you paying the premium, the EMS pays you to live. What an Idea!! A total reversal to the current system.  

Just like you, your family members to will receive a Birth Insurance, in fact every human will. Aren’t we all equally special. 

So study, investigate this amazing new Life Insurance Policy which is given from birth to death, every month: Equal Money System. 

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