Is Silence Approval?

Ignorance is bliss they say, so is silence blissfully ignorant? Is silence giving consent? When nearly 1 billion humans starve each day, and some 21,000 humans die out of starvation or related diseases, to remain silent about it, is kind of an approval, or conveniently ignorant. I am responsible for what I accept and allow within my world.

The very least, I must speak out, I must vlog and blog about the monstrosity we have accepted and allowed within our world. Looking at most newage Gurus like Eckart Tolle or Sri Sri Ravishankar, I am amazed they have not yet spoken out about the world situation, they are too busy been blissful. Neither they have spoken about a solution, certainly I never heard them say anything about Equal Money System. 

Even if you don’t have a global solution to the world problems, just to confine yourself to charities and other feel-good-activities is not acceptable, it is been blissfully ignorantly. I realize the Art of Living or AoL of Sri Sri Ravishankar apparently do a lot of charity, cool, I am not against charity as it has an urgent need at this very moment, but to turn a blind eye to an eventual global solution which will eradicate poverty forevermore is not acceptable. 

As if, AoL or Eckhart Tolle and similar gurus are not at all interested in any real solutions. They are satisfied with their own little feed-the-poor type charities that make them feel good about themselves; they run around the world preaching self-bliss, while turning a complete blind eye to any world problems, or to any potential solutions. 

Even the richest man in the world is very charitable, but will he accept Equal Money System to end world poverty forevermore? That is the question I like to ask those silent newage gurus, will you gurus stand for what is best for all? Will you gurus stand for an Equal Money System. 

By now, I am sure most newage gurus would have heard about Equal Money System, yet I have not heard anything from any guru about Equal Money? Likewise I have not heard anything about their own solutions to the world problems either, they just want to be silently blissful. 

Is their silence an approval to the world misery? Eckhart Tolle, will you stand for Equal Money System ? Sri Sri Ravishankar, will you stand for Equal Money System? 

Speak out, end your silence, cast your vote for Equal Money System. Join Us: Be a real guru that cares about all life, join us, study us today:



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