Equal Water System: Should there be drinking Water for All humans?

For this discussion sake, lets leave Equal Money System aside for a moment. 

Lets look at Equal Water System. Now what is Equal Water System, surely, water has nothing to do with communism, so Equal Water System is not communism. Water has nothing to do with socialism or any such control freaks of the past; its simple common sense, Equal Water System is not a political ideology or political theology, or political indoctrination, or anti-social rebellion, or counter-culture movement etc. Water has nothing to do with politics whatsoever.  

Equal Water System is about how to provide fresh drinking water for all seven billion humans. (of course lets not bring the animals who needs water into this discussion). It answers a very simple question, how to provide fresh drinking water to all humans. 

Equal Water System is “Love thy neighbor as thyself” by giving water to thy neighbor, by having a system that will provide water to all human needs. Water is a very basic need, it should be provided unconditionally to all humans from birth to death. 

Water is a birthright, not a privilege. You shouldn’t have to have money to drink your 6 glasses of daily fresh water. Isn’t that ridiculous and pure evil to say that only those who can afford the money should have water to drink? Isn’t that pure evil or what.

If you can see the Common Sense of Equal Water System, say so, say it loud and clear, be a vote for Equal Water System. Be counted, because water matters for human survival, each time a human die out thirst, its a crime against humanity which you and I have accepted and allowed to happen because greed and selfishness. Lets end this water abuse, all abuses everywhere, stand up for Equal Water System, stand up for Life. 

Equal Water System is the water version of Equal Money System. Simple common sense. You cannot stand for life without standing for water for all. 

Join us:




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