No more Taxes within Equal Money System

Thank God, there wont’ be any Taxes within Equal Money System. Within the current money system, death and taxes are the two things you cannot avoid, basically you will be taxed till your death. Current system function through taxation, Capitalism is such that it needs money to run the system, it is the nature of the beast. Just look at some sample of taxes we are been subject to:

Personal income taxes
Corporate taxes
Sales taxes
Estate tax
Health and Prescription Insurance Tax
Payroll taxes
Excise taxes
Property taxes

I mean who the FUCK needs all this taxes to co-exist on this earth as a responsible human being? Capitalism needs all such taxes, fee, debts and fines to exist. It runs on money, debt, cheap labor and at times slave labor etc, so few may enjoy it all while most of us suffer laboring for the rich. The problem currently is so bad, there is no solution within the current system to ‘heal’ the system, so that what is best for all can be achieved. 

BIG, the basic income grant is a quick short-term possibility to bring some relief within the current system for all humans. But still the system of taxation cannot go within the current money system. Taxation is the life force within Capitalism. We need a new system and where life is the force.

Equal Money System is by life and for life. Its operated by life, meaning no concept of taxation or debt or money will ever exist. EMS is based on life, and life is here in abundance. What will require, however, is taking responsibility, yes now that will force many humans to move their asses to do what is best for all. When money motive is gone, money as such no longer the force of life, then, what will move humans? Only realization of self-responsibility will move us to get things done, along with the joy of doing things. 

Moreover, who or what will fund EMS? Nothing will fund Equal Money System. There will be ‘fun’, but no fund. No fund is needed for EMS because Equal Money runs on the power of life. Everything is here already, lets manage it, so that all can have everything. For example, water is here, lets manage it so that all can have water. Ample food is here, and if not, lets take self-responsibility to produce enough food for all. 

Today there is ample food, but still 1 billion humans are starving because food is given only in exchange for money. Life is not considered, only money is considered, so a starving billion must continue to starve because they don’t have the money to buy food. Today money has value, taxation is to produce money for the system. 

In EMS, there won’t be taxation, but there will be a committed form of labor for youngsters during their late teen years, for a period of 4 years, during which they will do ‘dirty work’ for rest of humanity. Now, if you want, you can see that committed 4-year study-work term as a form of one-time taxation. Even that is wrong, because that 4 year period is a study-work period, so to perceive it as a form of taxation is misguided. Simply see that 4-year period as a giving of oneself. Taking full self-responsibility for self and others as self during those 4-year period. That study-service period, brings an essential ‘labor force’ to EMS, through which many ‘dirty jobs’ get done. Absolutely no need for taxation. What we need is realization of self-responsibility to get things done within the new the system. 

Today, the current system cannot live without taxation, or money. But within the Equal Money System, neither money nor taxation is needed. Even if such man-made concepts were to be employed as mere tools, their purpose and/or definition will be life supporting. Everything within EMS has one purpose, does it support life? So, taxation as we know it today, will have no place within EMS, because taxation doesn’t support life. 

And dont’ thank God for the new tax free world we are proposing, it is us humans like you and me who will birth this new world.. So Join us:



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