In Equal Money System: No more killing a horse because it cannot run any longer.

Will you kill your mother because she is too old to care for you as she did when you were young?

Will you kill your father because he is too old to support you as he did years ago?

Will you kill your son because he is sick and unable to function “normally”?

Will you kill your daughter because she is not “normal”?

Would you like to be subject to death by the governing system because they see you as invalid, useless and non-profitable?

To kill a horse because it cannot run any longer is a crime against LIFE. Stop this bullshit system of Capitalism, money and survival where people forced to do most unimaginable crimes just to survive. 

Lets bring a new earth, a new humans race, that support each other and care for each other. Out of which care and support for animals will be born. We will all live in dignity and respect for all. You can still enjoy horseback riding, but no more horse racing, no more killing of horses for any reasons. In fact, animal brutality will end forevermore. 

But first, birth Equal Money System to bring sanity to the human animal.



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