No more bureaucracy and filling out pointless paper work half your life.

No more bureaucracy and filling out pointless paper work half your life under Equal Money System. The formula within EMS is very simple, its about how to support you unconditionally, there is no competition or race. There is no value on competitive information or on your personal information, so there is no need to fill up 100s of papers just to survive in this reality. 

Within the current system of money and survival, your information is one of the keys to survival, and if you don’t fill up the proper papers, on time, and submit them to right authorities, you could end up suffering significantly. Basically, filling out the papers is like getting a ‘right to live’ within the current abusive system. 

You could be living a bum life without proper paperwork in this system. This is a system of survival, so paperwork is part of getting access, where you may given a chance. From the day you were born, you are subject to paperwork, one way or other, you must fill out all kinds of forms, to get through the system. Its like claiming your right to life, its like screaming at the system, “hey give me a chance, here is my filled out data” . 

The very idea you have to apply for healthcare implies a dishonest system, likewise applying for housing, school, medicine, transportation all implies competition, survival and dishonesty. Once you submit your paperwork/information, it will be subject to ‘approval’ or ‘assessment’, etc by those in big places. They will decide your fate. Once applied, now you’re in line, against your fellow humans. Any form of paperwork is very much like applying for a bank loan; you may get it or be denied. And even if you get it, its not unconditional life support, rather an entry into the system of competition and survival. You could any time get kicked out. 

Got to love Capitalism and its manipulative ways.

Equal Money System has no need for paperwork for survival or competition; you may be still required specify your personal information so that you can be supported effectively and on time. Even to support you, your whereabouts are need to be known. Thats all. Equal Money System recognize all your “my-needs” even before you ask for them, so there is absolutely no need to “apply” for any service, to have them be available for you. 

No more bureaucracy for sure. You will deal with real authorities who care to support you. Its a whole new world, instead of competition and survival, you will be supported unconditionally. The role of paperwork is only to support you effectively. Bureaucracy as we know it now will never exist, yes you will require to deal with ‘authorities’ as a points of contact with the new system. Bureaucracy will not be the ‘bored au crazy ‘ paper pushers as we experience them now, rather, points of authority; who will care to support life. 

We really talking heaven on earth. Its a whole new world, join us, investigate Equal Money System.




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