No more Gold Standards under Equal Money System.

Before the power of printing currency by the privately owned banks like the Bank of England came along, wealth was hoarded and exchanged in terms of gold. The ‘Gold Standard’ refers to a form of monetary system, where gold is accepted as a universal currency. 

Meaning of ‘Money’ and meaning of ‘Value’ are the real questions here. Gold is valued, and so is money. But money as such has no meaning, its meaning is whatever the printing authority say it has. One hundred dollar note is just that, a note with an attached figure, which we call money. Gold cannot arbitrarily be constructed as money-notes by the printing press. 

The value of gold is also something we have all accepted and allowed. If all gold on earth were to turn to clay, not much value will be placed on it. Likewise if all currency notes on earth were to turn into napkins, there is no money to talk about. Value and Money are concepts we have accepted and allowed for the sake creating tools of power. If you have gold, you have power, if you have the currency notes, you have power, so you have value. 

Lets for discussion sake, imagine this: remove all value we have placed on god, remove all value we have placed on currency notes. The notion of circulation would come to a halt. Current capitalistic system requires regular circulation, buying and selling, supply and demand etc. Without this circulation, a system halt can be seen. Perhaps that is what we mean by ‘currency’, the current of the capitalistic system. So, the power of this ‘current’ is the ‘value’ we placed on currency. US dollar is highly ‘valued’, and gold highly ‘valued’. By who, for what reasons, and why? That’s another blog. 

Equal Money System values only one thing: LIFE. Value as such is not placed on gold, or silver, or copper, or oil, or any sort of commodities, hence Equal Money System is not a value based system, nor commodity based system; Equal Money is life based system, value is place only in life. 

Everyone has value, equally; all life has value, equally. Not to say EMS is going to turn all gold into garbage, no, it just gold will no longer contain a value. As only life has value. Therefore effectively, by the very definition of what a life based system is, commodities like gold, silver, copper, will no longer be valuable, hence, a ‘gold standard’ will no longer be meaningful. Because life is the standard. EMS no longer requires a circulation, no more supply and demand, no more buying and selling, simply produce/manufacture and distribute “my-needs” of everyone. 

When gold and money are removed as tools of value, capitalism will die on the spot, and a new life based, responsibility based equal money system will take its place and care, support all life on earth. Moreover, there is nothing hoard or hide, as no more wealth to talk about, in equality and oneness, everyone is equally wealthy. 

Equal Money System will be a golden era without the gold standards. 

Join us, investigate us, there is nothing to fear, you’re going to be supported, cared for, join us:



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