Will technology advance in EMS or will it be at its best from the beginning?

The so-called Evolution of Technology or the progress is propelled by one singular motive: Money; no money no evolution of tech, that is how things are in the current capitalistic money system we have collectively created for ourselves. 

Versions after versions of new tech gadgets are released each financial quarter or so, to keep up a healthy presence in the stock index/markets. As with each release, it is expected market shares of the tech gadgets to go up, translating into new profits. That money in turn propels the next version of the gadget, whatever it may be. Such is the so-called Evolution of Technology. 

Within the Equal Money System, no such motive or force will exist, money as such will not motive for any form of excellence or evolution. There will not be any stock markets to get investor cash, and certainly no banks or capital investors will be around to pour in the money for new research and development in technology areas as it is today. 

Without any money whatsoever, what on earth will motive us, humans, to bring about the best of technology? Self-responsibility and pure self-joy of constructing, building, designing, engineering alone will bring about what is best for all even within technology.

Joy of building something to its utter perfection, will ensure the Evolution of Technology within EMS. No need for money or greed to propel the evolution; self-responsibility alone will transform our world into a heaven on earth. Not just in the Evolution of Technology but in all areas of human life. 

So to answer the question, yes technology will be best from the beginning, but certainly will evolve into higher perfection as more feedback is received on the usability of the tech gadgets. 

Join us: investigate the wonder of Equality, research the joy of Equality, study the practicality of Equality, its an amazing journey; lets give and receive. Very simple stuff, putting the words of Jesus into real practice worldwide. The time is around, don’t waste your life, study us today: 

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