Mitt r(oMney) with mOney wins. Study Equal Money System.

Today January 30th 2012, I just read in the news that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has won the primaries in Florida. Mitt RoMney sure has the Money just as his name sound to win any election.   

Winning an election is about having loads of money, one way or other. Most of it goes for advertisements, to convince the dumb masses via popular media. Of course its harvest time for TV companies too, who are burning midnight oil cashing the election cash cow to make all they can. After all, this  big money cow only comes once in 4 years.

If you ponder about the whole thing for a while, you will realize, what an absurd stupid system is this, men with loads of money are able to convince us about their electability? They can win because they have money to spend? This madness is not just in the US, now its a worldwide phenomena, men or women with money get or buy their votes to high offices. Of course in the US, its already over 1 billion $ spend so far in 2012 Presidential campaign. I wonder what will be the final total wasted when US Presidential election is all settled. Easily into few billions.

In the meanwhile, millions if not billions in our world are in very destitute life situations, some even starve for days, while nearly 21,000 humans die a day. But who cares, election drama must continue, the big boys will spend so they can enjoy, do great things, while in office. No wonder no politician ever worry about the average guy while in office, because they have to first take care of their donors, their corporate masters, who helped them get elected in the first place.

Just curious, ever wonder what is the total money spend annually by all politicians in the world just to get elected to their respective offices? For every democratic country in the world, add up every candidate seeking any public office, now if you lucky, add up every dollar spend by each such candidate. Will that be billions of dollars or trillions?

The world as a whole is spending so much just for Elections while millions starve to death? Instead why can’t this world spend that money for public education, public healthcare, public transportation, public housing etc etc? Can’t we make election a no-cost operation? Candidates should not be allowed spend a dollar for TV campaigning, just let them do all their convincing through some ‘dedicated government TV channel’ or youtube, or blogging. Because big part of the campaign money is going for paid advertisements and its a gigantic business, its an entire economy all by itself.

This election money madness is getting worse, now its billions spend, in 10-15 years, I wonder how much election spending will be. But sooner or later, its the average Joe who will have to somehow pay the bill for all that. Average citizen is the real payer for all vanity spending. It looks like Mitt R(omney) did it with his own big (Money), well where did he get his money from? 

Citizens are the slaves for the capitalistic masters of this world. Citizens are caught in their big fights, masters appear to bleed, but in reality, its the average citizen that bleeds on behalf of the elite. This madness must stop just like all other mad crazy shit that is going on in our world now. All in the name of making profits and grabbing power. 

Equal Money System will end the cancer of Capitalism forevermore. It will be a whole new world. And if you’re like myself, sick and tired of this world system and how it works, join us, join desteni, learn first how to change yourself, and change this world. 

With Equal Money, no more sweet victory for R(omney) with (Money) as all will win equally, life will be dignified for all. For sure, there won’t be election spending, all elections will be free of cost, simply utilizing the power of technology.



Exposing abuses is cool, but don’t get killed in doing so.

Exposing abuses in our world is cool, but don’t be foolish and get killed in doing so. Recently I am chatting with a FB friend who is exposing abuses in his native country, but in doing so he has placed himself in a very precarious situation. The man is now hunted and haunted. Under severe stress he is experiencing depression, anxiety and related problems in addition to homeless and uncertainty. 

So breathe, calm down, relax, be smart and don’t fucking get killed. Don’t seek to be a hero, once you’re dead, man, you’re gone. The change you wish to bring will never come to your country if you’re dead. 

At the moment, the best advice to my FB friend is, get on with your self-forgiveness process. Get established in self-honesty, and self-trust. This is not a pill to overcome your mental problems overnight, but an opportunity to rebirth self as life through the physical. And you can’t do that if you’re constantly on the run and been hunted by those who are in power. So best is to immediately seek self-protection, meaning hide away into physical safety. Then, slowly get yourself establish in the system, i.e. job, home, etc. There is no need to ‘fight’ the bullies in our world. Specially there is no need for ‘personal fights’ against those who are corrupt and powerful. 

I mean even if you take down the most corrupt man in your country, what will you achieve? Simply nothing. See Egypt, Mubarak disappeared, now another set of bullies running the show. My point is, its cool to expose via blogs and vlogs about world abuses, but please don’t get fucking killed in doing so. 

Live to change this world. That means, walk this desteni process, self-forgive yourself, change yourself, get established in self-honesty, self-trust, self-breathing, and birth yourself as life. And realize changing this world, you cannot do as a one man show, it can only be done as a group. Desteni is a group that is growing and expanding worldwide which stands as a voice to birth a new world. So join us, by starting your self-forgiveness process, then start walking this process with us as a group. Both self-change and world-change happens side by side. 

Then in time, desteni message, namely the implementation of Equal Money System will enter the political arena leading to actual practical changes in our world. You can read tons of stuff about Equal Money System in our sites, or just google it.

The point here is, first stop getting killed, start your self change process, then walk the world change process. In time, as a group, we will do the required through democratic one-man one-vote principle. You can already see how as a group desteni is expanding and voicing every day about the world situation. Our noise is getting louder and stronger. We do so with care, certainly don’t want to get killed in doing so, Common Sense. 

There is another subtle point here. All those so-called evils in this world, who is responsible for them? You and Me, and Us. Each of us equally responsible for the madness that is here today. Even the evil of men like Hitler manifested because what humanity accepted and allowed.  What each human accepted and allowed created this hell on earth. Therefore there is no point in starting personal wars against bullies and getting killed. Of course blog and vlog, but fuck, not at the cost of getting killed. 

Keep in mind, this is not a personal war between good and evil. You realize that “I am responsible for all that is here”. Within that realization, personal battles stop, and you will work for real change. 

Lastly, I am sure you will agree with me, change doesn’t mean just getting rid of one singular problem from our world, we need to change the entire world system, in fact, we need heaven on earth, where every living being can have a dignified life here on earth. 

So get yourself to safety, get established with a job, home, etc, and begin your self-forgiveness process, lets bring real change to this world to end all abuses forevermore. As you might know already, today nearly 21,000 humans will die out of hunger or related diseases, nearly 1 billion will starve and untold other sufferings going on. We can’t fight or punish anyone for this, its humanity’s problem, its our problem. Hence lets take practical steps first so you can actually participate to bring real changes to this world. 

Start by visiting the forums.