2012 Year of Suicide as World Ends?

Much has been said about the prophecies of 2012, apparently the world will end according many new-age gurus who made millions while making their predictions. So I am very much looking forward to this year as the world ends. Let’s see if the words of the new-age Gurus can be trusted. 

One thing for sure, the abuses that we have accepted and allowed within ourselves and our world must come to end. Abuses are ever increasing, as if nothing can stop the powerful and the mighty, within that context a world-end is a delightful thought. I mean, all suffering will end with world-end. But unfortunately that is just wishful thinking, because world-end would imply suicide not taking responsibility to bring about real changes to end the abuse. 

As I will not accept and allow suicide as a remedy for my troubles, I will not accept and allow the so-called 2012 world-end predictions of doom. 

I recall as a kid wishing for suicide when troubles hit me, it was a way to escape and not to take self responsibility to change myself. Same principle is used when predicting or desiring a world-end, its an escape. It is believed that suicide is easier than actual self change and living as a self responsible human being. 

Anger is easy, hate is easy, cheating is easy, stealing is easy, participating in the back chat of the mind is easy, blaming is easy, i mean all that shit we do is really easy stuff, but living as breath here within the physical is ‘hard work’. The labor of life is to just be here as breath, not going into the mind. 

So if you’re one of those who accept and allow 2012 world-end theories, know that you are accepting and allowing suicide as a remedy for troubles. Yes world is totally fucked up, I mean in every arena of human life, ego has fucked us up. But world-end is not a solution, desiring for world-end is no solution, instead stand up, be here as breath of life, breathe, self-forgive, join the equal life foundation, join the equal money system global movement. Change yourself and change this world. 

I will not accept and allow suicide for me or for anyone, likewise, I will not accept and allow 2012 world-end predictions ever. Obviously many gurus made millions out of this bullshit predictions. Here is the real prediction: hell will manifest within each human mind, as within as without, so stop the hell within, to stop the hell without. 

Join us: we are already on course to save this world, its time you take the responsibility to change yourself and change this world. investigate self-forgiveness and equal money system. And for sure, debunk those new-age millionaire gurus who fucked us up without ever proposing a solution, they only predicted the end, but never gave a solution. Why not end the guru business and new-age bullshit forevermore? 

Realizing suicide is not the solution, world-end is not the solution, lets take real self-responsibility for all. Fuck the Mayan calendar and  fuck the gurus of doom. Instead take self responsibility, investigate desteni, self-forgiveness and equal money system.

In fact, our focus is heaven on earth where equality of all life is practically established. That is not a prediction but a well researched plan, so study us, investigate us. 

Join us:




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