2012 Secret is in the Breathing, not in any predictions or calendars.

I was listening to Gaddafi speaking through the interdimensional portal ( see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSJOkR0YMCE  ) sharing his realization since death. He was speaking not as the known dictator Gaddafi, but as what is left of him, just as Presence. 

What is left of him is just that a presence which was always there but he never paid any attention to it. Gaddafi says that he knew there was always another way to do things before he was about to do something. Meaning, that Presence gave a momentary ‘voice’ if you will, suggesting a better way, to do things etc. But driven by desire, Gaddafi rarely listened to that Presence within him. 

The fastness of the mind, the mind consciousness system is so fast that we never slow down to hear anything that goes within us. There is a Presence within us all, that voice of Self-honesty suggests the correct course of action in our lives, but we never listen to it. Because we are too fast within our minds. 

I don’t want paraphrase Gaddafi’s portal interview words and misdirect you, as I need to re-listen to him again and again as well. But I would suggest for sure to  listen to his portal interview uploaded on Jan 02 2012 which has got gems of common sense. 

Listening to him, I realize the secret, the power is in the breath, in slowing down to this very breath. So all those who preach doom bullshit or golden age bullshit for 2012, take a note, as long as your mind is fast only hell will manifest on earth, not a golden age. 

There will never be a golden age manifested on earth created by some heavenly beings, if at all, it must be created by humans, who have slow down their minds to one breath at a time. See equal money system.

So here is a secret tool to assist you with the chaos of 2012: Slow down, breathe, be here in each breath. I am busy with this slowing down process, slowing down to one breath at a time, along with self forgiveness and self honesty, I am committing myself to breathe here, one breath at a time. I realize the power is in me as breath of life here, not in any bullshit ancient prediction or in any bullshit magical Mayan calendars. How could it be, when I am here as Life? I am the force and the power of change, as breath of life. 

Investigate the 4 count breathing mentioned at http://www.desteni.org

I would like to thank Gaddafi for sharing his views via the interdimensional portal. Here is the video link again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSJOkR0YMCE



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