2012 Year of Love and Light? Exactly How?

Many new-agers have been saying now for a while that year 2012 will be a year of light and love. They believe it as a transformation of the planet to a golden age. While claiming such many have made millions too. Love and light is a good seller, everyone loves love and light. 

At desteni, we totally debunk love and light nonsense, but why?

Just take a look at this world, 1 billion starving each day, 21,000 dying each day out of hunger or related diseases. Millions homeless, millions living deplorable life conditions etc etc etc. So we see no golden era around 2012 or any other year for that matter. What we really see is scams going around 2012 making few gurus super rich while the dumb ass devotees get sucked into the bullshit around 2012 predictions and calendars etc. 

Listen: 2012 is like another year in capitalism, its going to be same shit all over again. Perhaps  bit more shit this year, nothing golden about the shit you will see this year. Stop the fucking new-age nonsense about 2012 and seek something real for a change. 

If you really dare to care, if you really want to practically bring about an era of happiness, do investigate Equal Money System. Join desteni.org learn the tools of self-forgiveness and self honesty. Learn how to debunk believe systems, and ideologies. Learn how to see what is real here. I mean, you can believe all you want in golden eras, mayan calendars etc, but have you ever wander how on earth such golden era will be practically implemented? 

The banking system, the money system, the employment system, the healthcare system, the water system, the agriculture system, the housing system, all that required for living on this earth, have you considered all those variables? Just believing in golden era is pure bullshit, its like masturbation. So get real, investigate Equal Money System. Give it a fair chance, at least learn about it. Otherwise you’re just a fucking liar, believing in golden era without actually looking into the practical details of it. 

Here is the secret: self-forgiveness, self-honesty, and equal money system will bring about a practical golden era for humanity and for all other living beings on earth. 

Dare to care? Join us:




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