2012 Golden Era starts with Basic Income Grant.

Basic Income Grant as the name implies is a proposal to provide all humans with some sort of an unconditional assured income. The details are yet to be worked out. But I welcome this principle of unconditional support wholeheartedly. The beautiful thing about BIG is, it has been tested and tried in Namibia with astonishing success (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXXrZB-AbAc ).

For Basic Income Grant to happen, we don’t need political overhaul or financial overhaul of the current system. As is, within the current monetary and political system, a workable Basic Income Grant scheme can be produced. Think of it as a human bailout package. It didn’t take too long for the politicians to provide a massive bailout package for Banking and Auto industries. A bailout scheme for humans on a monthly assured basis would be bring about goodness to all involved. 

Obviously with increased purchasing power lot more will buy and sell propelling the wheels of capitalism. As the current economy is sluggish, a much needed boast will be generated by BIG. At the moment, governments are too busy with providing economic stimulus packages hoping to build bridges, roads, buildings, airports, schools, etc with the sole aim of pumping money into the money system, which in turns creates jobs hence increase consumer confidence and purchase power. End of the day, the governments want people to have money to buy things. 

Instead of economic stimulus package for big industries, the proposal to provide a Basic Income Grant for all humans, is far more sound in principle. I mean, end of the day both schemes aim to increase the buying power of the consumer. With BIG all humans will be empowered consumers. When consumers are empowered with a BIG, capitalism and its wheels will start moving better (meaning it will be better than the sluggish case now).

Just how the bank bailout packages are funded, BIG will have to be funded likewise. Those who argue that BIG is communism, must also accept that providing bailout to banks as communism as well. We have never heard any politician in the US suggesting bank bailouts as communism. 

BIG will bailout the humans, if it can be done globally, it would bring about a much needed relief from the current suffering that is going on thanks to capitalism. 

BIG is a solution for current human crises within capitalism, therefore eventually BIG will hit its limits, as funding may dry out. The politicians and corporate giants will alone determine the details of BIG, bit like charity, therefore the failure of BIG is as big as its success. I mean, BIG could crumble anytime when the funding runs out, yet I support it because it is much needed and it can be done within the current system as is without structural changes to the system. 

All those who preach Golden Era for 2012 must taken on the Basic Income Grant proposal and study it seriously, and demand local politicians to take a stand on BIG as we see it in Namibia. BIG in Namibia is truly a success to a point where now their politicians making BIG an election issue, meaning BIG may become a regular government service, not just a pilot project. 

After all, the so-called golden era will not be here without active proposals and participation. So I support Basic Income Grant unconditionally. When BIG reaches its limits, we as humanity will realize the need for a real solution, the ultimate solution, which is an Equal Money System. 

For once and for all, all of our planet’s sufferings will end with Equal Money System for which substantial political and financial overhaul will be required. Therefore as an immediate solution to alleviate human suffering, I welcome the Basic Income Grant. Let 2012 be the year of Basic Income Grant. 

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