2012 Why not go to Heaven Now to your God by killing yourself Now?

I always wondered about this question, I mean if you so much love your God, why not join Him now? Why not kill yourself for the sake of eternal love to be on the right hand of Jesus, or on the left hand of Allah. 

After all, God will understand your sincere motive, He will know that you killed yourself out of pure and amazing love you have for Him. Even if committing suicide is apparently a wrong doing, I am sure all-loving God will reconsider your honorable case. After all, you died or rather killed yourself for HIM, to be with HIM in eternal life in heaven in the eternal bliss and joy of heaven. 

Heaven sounds like a fantastic place, I mean given all the wonderful descriptions about it, in some cases seven virgins for personal happiness (yes 7 virgins for 7 days) how cleaver and wonderful is this God. He has considered all your personal needs, even your ultra lustful sexual needs in heaven. Allah is a real deal maker, He knows exactly how penis work, promising seven virgins, oh yeh man, what an irresistible  offer. I am sure even Jesus must have promised something similar to that. 

They all have promised wonderful things in Heaven, so my religious friends, please help yourself, let your Father in heaven fulfill all your dreams and desires. Why waste time on this hellish temporary earth, please go to heaven, why delay the eternal joy of heavenly happiness: Kill Yourself and fly away to heavenly heaven. 

What a fucked up bunch of foolish idiots. Get real. Join desteni, learn what is Real. Shock yourself to reality. 




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