Death will be Here even before you know it.

So many people are dying every day due to all kinds of stupid reasons, and eventually my death and your death too will arrive. There is no doubt about death, is there? 

You will die. Yet when death comes to a friend or family member, we mourn in such anguish as if it was not suppose to be. Death will end all things, death will end all families, death will end all relationships, death will end all happiness, death will end all achievements, death will end all vanities, death will end ALL pride and glories. Death will end all powers. 

Nothing defeats death. No matter how powerful or mighty you’re, it matters not, death will devour you, its only a matter of time. Mine too, it is anytime, death will be here, then, I will have to go. 

So the question is not death or dying. The real question is Life and Living. How the fuck are we going to live this fucking life within the  allocated time? In answering that question, I come to Equal Money System, because EMS provides all that I need to live my LIFE here. Equal Money System cannot prevent death, but sure it can enhance life and living. 

So when the news of death arrives to  your family, don’t just cry and be sad, also ask the question: what I can do to make LIFE and Living more great for myself and rest of humanity. Yes it must matter to all, not just for your own selfish good. EMS is good for everyone. 

Since I am going to die anyways, I want to do all I can to bring about a system that is best for all, an Equal Money System. My death is inevitable, I cannot do anything about it, but in living here I can do something. To end this hell on earth so that future generations can live happily here. This fucking hell must be cleaned up, and that is a good reason to live. 

Ask yourself, why do you live? Is it just for your own happiness you live? Or will you join us to bring about a world that is best for all and best for you? Before its too late, you better ask that question, time is indeed running out. Death will soon be here, even before you know it.

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