Physical pain in my bum hole is unbearable.

I am familiar with a physical pain that comes occasionally in my bum area after doing my business. The pain is unbearable which lasts for about 3-5 minutes, and then it goes away. During that time my mind shuts down totally, I forget about all problems, pain just takes over completely, so much so, I feel like dying in that very moments to avoid feeling the pain.  Physical pain is real, the real shit, its not emotional. When the physical gives pain, there is no escape, it hurts bad. 

Then I wonder all those who suffer physically, in brutal physical pain we inflict upon each other through war and other nasty means. If taking a shit with bit too much pressure gives me so much physical pain, imagine those who suffer losing their arms and legs. OMG. 

A wishful thought arise in me, that is, all suffering in this world must stop, oh please stop all physical suffering. Yeh I know, its only a wishful thinking, nothing in this world will ever stop the man-made suffering, in fact, it is compounding as profit making is getting demonic. Make money at any cost. 

As I cannot take physical pain, clearly, it must be so, other humans too, cannot take physical pain, (lets not talk about animals please). So we as humans come to a solution where physical pain will cease. Lets not inflict pain upon each other. 

Only Equal Money System will bring physical pain to an end, both for humans and animals. The pain in my asshole has taught me never to accept physical pain as normal, I must do all I can to stop this pain. 

Physical has been put to suffering for too long now. Even since man walked on earth, physical has been suffering. Either we must stop it, or the physical will stop it. 

So I am one vote for Equal Money System, to end all physical suffering in this world. As it is unbearable. Oh God, that 5 minutes of pain, sometimes feels like an eternity, so much power physical pain has over me. I really would like all physical pain to end, so I am standing for and with Equal Money System. Lets end causing harm to each other and to other beings on earth. 

Ask a chicken or a cow, it will know the pain of its head been chopped off. I wonder how that would feel? Equal Money System will end the beheading of animals, and the suffering that animals are experience. Imagine your head been chopped off. It is very cruel of us humans to accept and allow animal brutality, so we must do all we can to stop that shit. Equal Money System will gradually stop the animal slaughter and bring restful and peaceful living to all living beings on earth. 

Tonight, the physical pain in my bum has assist me to realize that much. 

Join us:



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