Be a dead man Breathing, never React to the world.

If you’re a blind man, you will not see anything, so you will not react to anything visual. If you’re a deaf man, you will not react to any sound, nobody can yell ‘Fuck You’ to you. If you’re in total coma, you will not react to any touch, sensation of touch wouldn’t be there. If you’re a dead man, you will not react to ANYTHING in this world. 

Yet that is exactly what living is, just reacting from morning to evening to all kinds of shit. He said that, she said that, he did that, she did that, she looked at me like that, he questioned me, she was frowning at me,  she was pouting at me, he looked like he is angry at me, she didn’t smile with me, he didn’t say hi to me, she didn’t politely speak, or they did that, they said this, etc etc etc, a long list of sources to which I accept and allow myself to react all day, and all of my life. 

Sometimes we react to the stupidest things in this world. Today I reacted to my wife while we were having dinner, because she showed a bit of pouting face for a comment I made. Just a little pout expression, OMG, I fucking reacted, why why why, what did i do, what did I say, as if I want the world around me to smile and be joyful at me, so my reactions will be joyful too. I reacted because I was looking for something to react too, in that to get an energy feed for my mind conscious system. I as my ego love to react, specially in those moments of physical tiredness. 

Can’t live as a reactive machine, that would be pretty hellish life. As the world is people full of emotions, feelings and thoughts, and they will do crazy things to drive you nuts, only of course, if you accept and allowed them to drive you nuts. World can do or say anything, but the reactive power is within you. 

Breathing is handy. I realize I have to breathe even when I am with others socializing, or having dinner, or doing anything, I must breathe, I must be here as breath, there is NEVER a moment to let lose on breathing point. Because in one tinny comment or gesture from the other, I may allow myself to react as a mind, as an ego. Then all hell break lose. 

Be here, breathe, no matter what, breathe, each breath, breath by breath be here, cut the train of thoughts, emotions and feelings. Then reactions will not happen, yes, then you can direct yourself, and direct any point that is presented in the moment. But that is not an emotional reaction, rather, a self directed action. Giving direction to things in what is best for all.

Nothing must move within you. May be you’re having coffee at a cafe, and somebody is yelling at you for no reason, ‘fuck you’, ‘fuck you’ etc, what would you do? react and scream back at him? or just breathe, and either simply walk away from the scene or just continue with what you were doing. There is no reaction, nothing moved within you. You were neither hurt, nor embarrassed, nor worried, nor fearful, nor shy, nor angry, nor bothered. You just breathe and move on. May be you moved on to next cafe, because the noise of the yeller was practically too much for you to bear. Its not a reaction, just a practical common sense move. 

Living a life as a reactive machine sucks big time. There are tools to assist with these problems: self forgiveness, self honesty, self writing, self correction, and BREATHING. 4 count breathing is even better. Give that break, that gab between breath which cuts the stream of thoughts, emotions and feelings. 

Be a dead man walking, never react. I am assisting myself with breathing, in this I am learning to cut down getting sucked into reacting to others. Now not reacting doesn’t mean idling, it means breathing here and directing self to act in what is best for all. In that there is honor of life, respect to life, seen all life as self, equal and one. 

This is a process, so join us, start your process now with desteni tools:



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