2012 How was I Able to Hear the Desteni Message.

I have been a “seeker” for a long long time. I suppose real happiness  never came to me, so I had a natural interest in spiritual matters. Born and raised a Catholic, even within the church, I would be drawn to Christian meditation or retreats in search of the soul, the depth of me. I have been always looking for something deeper, profound, magical, that source within, sort to speak. 

That journey took me on a long road. Start by going to Hindu temples in Sri Lanka, which was a big No-No for a catholic boy like myself. I got really fascinated with Hindu God figures. I fell in love with the mystics of Hinduism. First Lord Ganesh, then Godess Kali, later God Krishna, just to name a few. Likewise, a bus load of Gurus also became my objects of worship. Namely, Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of Living movement, Mr. Eckhart Tolle of The Power of Now, Swami A.C. Bhaktivadanta of ISKCON, and of course the all too famous Sai Baba of Putapathi India. 

Later part, I was into Buddism, namely the 10-day retreat provided by the dhamma vipassana group headed Mr S N Goenka. I spent some time doing the 10-day retreats in silence. In terms of spiritual voyages, I went to the ancient city of Maya Pur in Culcutta to visit the Hare Krishna International Headquarters to be with the real devotees of Krishna. 

Been there and Done that is the best way to describe my spiritual circus. Not to forget the numerous spiritual books I was crazy about all along. Deepak Choppra was a God of wisdom, loved his ‘Ageless body Timeless Mind’ book a long time ago. Recently, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle took 3-4 years of my life. 

Yet, something was still missing, is it me? Am I not meditating enough? Am I not chanting enough? Am I not doing Sudharsan Kriya as taught by Sri Sri Ravi shankar enough? Am I not chanting the holy names of Lord Krishna enough? Am I not listening to Eckhart Tolle’s audio tapes enough? Am I not reading Deepak Choppra enough? Am I not doing 10-day Vipassana retreats enough? What I am doing wrong, that feeling of empty hole is within me, raising its head once in a while. My curiosity about the world and afterlife still remains very high, as if I haven’t learned anything over the years. Something is missing, even hugging the world famous Guru Sri Sri Ravi shankar has not removed that feeling of emptiness. That lost wondering feeling within me has not gone. 

Unplanned, I met desteni through their youtube videos while searching for Eckhart Tolle  videos. I must have been lucky, I ran into one of desteni’s inter-dimensional videos, I don’t recall the details about the first video I watched, but I remember been stuck by it. I just couldn’t believe to my eyes, what was I hearing or seen. It was something about Jesus, I mean Jesus himself was speaking. 

The desteni video was so real. Everything about it was so real. Following my first encounter with desteni inter-dimensional video, I spent hours looking at other videos as well. Later got into desteni forums and start participating. I began speaking self-forgiveness, and writing self forgiveness. As I read stuff written by Bernard Poolman and Sunette Spies, my fascination with desteni increased beyond I could ever ask for. Desteni is the real shit. 

I began to slowly but surely overcome my pre-programmed stuff about religions, gods, gurus, new age movement etc. My first victim was my dear Guru at that time, Mr Eckhart Tolle. Slowly but surely, I dumped Tolle, likewise I began to dump all the gurus of the past. Sad to say, Sai baba, Sri Sri Ravisharnkar, Lord Krishan, Lord Rama, Lord Ghanesh, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, St Anthony, St Mary, The Pope, The church, Buddism, Hinduism, Christianity, Vipassana Meditation, Hare Krishna, Art of Living, Deepak Chopra, and you name it, all those gurus and gods vanished from my mind within the first two years with desteni. Yes some took a while, the pre-programming must have been deep. 

I learned about me. I can be here without any god or guru, or any holy book. Desteni tools namely Self Forgiveness, self honesty, breathing, self writing and self expression through blogging and vlogging deeply assisted me. 

Later participating in the desteni-i-process really assisted me. And visiting the desteni farm to meet Bernard Poolman, Sunette Spies and other figures of amazement in desteni assist me to see me more. I lost the hero worship attitude I had towards Bernard and other farm members. Bernard is cool, but not a hero, or a guru, visiting the farm assisted me in just realizing, that this process is about me. Bernard is at a different point in his process, that’s all, not a guru or a god, just another fucking human being like myself, who is walking his own process.

My many layers of pre-programming started to peel of bit by bit. I started to see things that I never noticed. Simple things: Did I know that nearly 1 billion humans starve each day? Did I know how the capitalistic money system is destroying this world? Did I know that Banks and their controlling Gods rule this world in the name of making money at any cost? Did I know that elitists of the world rule this world, while slaves like me are working for them? Did I know since my childhood days, I have been programmed to be a loyal customer? Did I know that money is just a make belief that I was taught as real? Did I know that obeying God is designed so that I will be a good slave to the money making system? Did I know that my slavery to the money system has created a hell on this earth? Why didn’t I notice all these common sense points before meeting desteni? Why didn’t the gurus and gods before mention such things? Why is that I was only interested in self-bliss while the elitists and the money system is destroying the world? Why didn’t I realize that there are real serious precarious problems in this world?

Within first 2 years of desteni process, my pre-programming some what peeled off, allowing me to realize many shitty things about this world. What a shock. What a shocking realization that how much we have been blindly fucked by the media, banks, governments, gods, gurus,religions, etc etc etc. All in the name of making money. 

I am realizing how seriously we need an Equal Money System in this world. 

Also, all that search for the meaning-of-life, deeper quest for meaning, spiritual seeking, the desire for deep silent meditation, all that energy craving shit vanished. Now I live here and I have all the meaning in the world, that is to re-birthing myself as life through the physical, and bringing about Equal Money System to end all abuses everywhere. 

What a message, yes first I learned about them through desteni materials, but later I realized them for myself. 

I was able to hear the desteni message because I could see the common sense in it. The desteni message make sense, because it is common sense. Of course there were some things in the desteni materials I didn’t get, for example the notes about Anu, or Atlantians, I didn’t quite get them, and so I didn’t even bother with them. Self forgiveness, self honesty, self expression, self trust, Equal Money System, I realize them well.

This is 2012, it has been four since I met desteni, while I stand with the desteni group, at the same time I stand as me, as a destonian. My self standing matters as much as I stand with the desteni group. 

I am desteni.  That is the common sense message I have been waiting for, so I was able to hear the desteni message. Now I am sharing this message with rest of humanity to birth a new planet, a practical heaven on earth via Equal Money System. 

What a message, What a mission, What a joy, What a journey, join us, if you dare to care and have some fun in the process:




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